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According to mythology, body piercing even existed thousands of years ago. The nomadic tribes endorsed this form of art and loved getting their body pierced. In some places like Egypt, only the royal family members were allowed to get their body pierced. The Roman warriors considered the art of body piercing as a symbol representing their strength. It was only during the medieval period that people abstained from body piercing and condemned it.

But, it again gained its popularity after some time, and people started showing their status and wealth in the form of body piercing. Today, the youngsters consider it quite a fashionable thing. Even people who do not fall into the young bracket go for body piercing to enhance their beauty.

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According to fashion gurus, it is a revival of a common ancient practice. However, you should keep in mind that body piercing is not only about fashion but also about remembering certain health and hygiene guidelines to ensure safe body piercing. Buying high quality jewelry from a best body jewelry shop online is also of utmost importance. Here’s is a list of guidelines that you must follow –

  • Always Opt For A Professional: Body piercing is often painful and can lead to difficulties and infections if not done properly. The piercing should always be done by a professional person like a doctor, a healthcare professional or a trained person.
  • Follow The Aftercare Instructions: The aftercare instructions should be strictly followed to ensure that healing takes place without any complications. Healing usually takes six to eight weeks and this period should be safely sustained.
  • Buy Proper Jewelry: Now this is the most important thing to be considered when it comes to investing in the jewelry which one is going to adorn. The right metal should be chosen so that there is no harmful reaction with the body tissues.

Some of the good choices in metal are surgical implant stainless steel, Tygon (a special kind of plastic for people sensitive to gold and other metals and most importantly surgical implant titanium) is another good choice. One should also avoid using sterling silver, any kind of fake gold or plated gold. They have adverse effects on the body tissues and cause infection.

  • Buy From Only Established Body Jewelry Shop: While buying body piercing jewelry online, it is always good to take the advice of the body piercing experts. They will not only provide expert guidance about the type of jewelry to be chosen but will also determine the body type of the person to be pierced.

belly button piercing

Every person has a different type of body and a different lifestyle, so there will be a lot of factors that will affect the healing and the placement. In this regard, the type of material chosen for the jewelry, plays a very important role, as each one of the customers will have different reactions to the metal chosen.

The experts in a body jewelry shop can guide in choosing the material and indulge in the body piercing. Also, special care has to be taken when it is the first body piercing. Best of luck!

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