Okay, what are the colour guidelines for the spring summer 2012 season? Basically there are two main trends: pastel & neutral colours and bold & bright colours.

Pastels and neutrals

These subtle colours are the best choice to create an ethereal silhouette. They are totally feminine and go with everything that emphacizes woman?s nature, I mean sheer blouses, lacey dresses, tights and other womanly clothes. I regret I don?t have a lot of clothes like that but I hope to buy few of such a style this season. Will they work for me? I think they will for every woman, especially when you?re not a brunette. Otherwise you need to remember to pair trendy pastels with a hint of bold colour. Eclectic!

Bright and bold

The eye catching colors and prints have ruled the runways. It looks like summer 2012 fashion in going to burst into bloom with such vibrant hues like: Golden Yellow or Royal Purple. The queen of the intense colours is a neon highlighter yellow. It?s a pretty tough thing to learn how to wear such daring clothes but it?s a good idea to find inspiration in Michelle Obama. The First Lady is said to be wearing colour impeccably which is quite rare for women who keeps their eyes on them for the obvious reason.