– dramatic two-toned highlights are a must-have hairstyle trend popularised by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston in particular. They require a great hair cut though. Brunettes will look great with 1-to-2-inch golden streaks, blondes with chocolate ones.

– how to make your hair gleam like Demi Moore?s hair. The secret is about condition. Use an intensive hair mask to keep your hair soft and shiny. Also, let your hair dry naturally without blow-drying which is quite difficult taking into consideration the modern woman?s fast life pace

– don?t exaggerate with the frequency of washing your hair. It?s enough to wash it every seven to ten days. A deeply conditioning shampoo and a leave-in conditioner will do the work!

– a sexy, beachy, tousled hair look can be achieved without much effort: blow-dry while using your fingers. Then mist on a hair spray to add volume and texture

– use a Castor oil to strenghten and moisturize your hair. It will also promote hair growth!