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According to mythology, body piercing even existed thousands of years ago. The nomadic tribes endorsed this form of art and loved getting their body pierced. In some places like Egypt, only the royal family members were allowed to get their body pierced. The Roman warriors considered the art of body piercing as a symbol re
Pendants are any type of jewelry that dangles or hangs and are often a part of a larger piece of jewelry. All types of jewelry can feature pendants including bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Diamonds are a popular choice for many extravagant women, women who love class and style, women who love to dazzle and command the
Bracelets are trending in fashion jewelry for women for 2014, according to JCK Magazine. Depending on the style of the bracelets and of course, your own personal style, pairing two bracelets on the same wrist is the fashion look this summer. During the summer months, it is likely you will be wearing a lot of short sleeves
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The holiday is right around the corner so now is the perfect time to start looking for some great jewellery for yourself. And who does not love jewellery? Hey you gotta accessorize those beach dresses somehow! Check out these gorgeous necklaces that will tempt you to keep them for yourself. Chunky necklace Jewellery is no
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What a woman wears says a lot about her. This includes her clothes as well as her jewelry. While there are a lot of very nice traditional pieces, such as simple chains with pendants, strands of pearls or faux pearls, or small refined earrings; often times people look for a little more flair in their women’s jewelry,
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There was a time when gold was the most popular metal used in jewellery and whereas this may still be the case, many other types of precious metals are proving to be almost as, if not more, popular. In fact, silver jewellery is worn by both men and women and is a wonderful alternative to the many gold items we have seen ad