There has always been a large market for men’s jewelry, but the past one hundred years has seen this market greatly expand. New materials, designs and styles of jewelry have led to new and exciting opportunities for men to wear jewelry, and many modern men have just as much interest in these items as women.

tungsten rings

Tungsten carbide rings. Some rights reserved by boomshackalack

One of the rising trends in men’s jewelry is rings made from tungsten, and there a number of reasons for this. These rings play an important role in men’s jewelry. However, women have a much wider variety of choice when it comes to jewelry.

If you are interested in buying a ring then I strongly advise you to consider buying one made from tungsten, and this article will explain the benefits of doing so and the various options available for you to choose from.

Tungsten Rings

Tungsten is an extremely hard and dense semi-precious material that is also used as filament wire in light bulbs. Tungsten has become popular among men’s jewelry designers for a variety of reasons. As I’ve said tungsten is extremely hard and is highly resistant to scratching, and it takes a very strong force to have any sort of physical affect on the material.

Tungsten is roughly ten times stronger than 18k gold, and many men choose this material over gold for this very reason. The nature of this material means it does not dull over time and you will rarely be required to polish it during your lifetime.

Tungsten is considerably less expensive than most of the other semi-precious materials used in the manufacturing of jewelry, which is another reason why it is a popular choice, especially for use as wedding rings.

Types of Tungsten Ring


Tungsten Ring. Some rights reserved by Riebart

Although this materials is extremely strong, it is available in a variety of designs and styles, offering the buyer the chance to find a unique ring that will have a personal importance to them. The design and style of the ring will influence price, so keep this in mind when searching for a suitable ring.

Black Tungsten Rings

Black tungsten is one of the most popular options bought today, and rings made from this material are very beautiful and unique. Black tungsten wedding rings are an excellent alternative to traditional gold and silver rings. It’s possible to buy these rings with a number of different designs etched into the outer layer, further adding to their individuality.

Laser Etched Tungsten Rings

These are rings made in the traditional grey colour of the metal, but have a design or message etched into the outer layer. Jewelers use laser cutters to etch on tungsten rings as standard etching machines are generally not strong enough to make an impression on the material.

Inlayed Tungsten Rings

Inlayed tungsten rings again have the traditional grey colour of the metal, but also contain a second semi-precious material within the design. There are a large variety of materials you can choose to be inlayed in your ring, including cobaltium, gideon and antler.

Inlayed tungsten rings are excellent wedding bands, and add a level of sophistication to the design.

Where to Buy

There are a number of places you can source for your ring, but I advise you to buy from a men’s tungsten ring specialists. This will guarantee that the ring has been crafted to the highest quality, and it will be sized exactly as you want it.


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