baleyage hair
Changing the color of your hair might seem like it’s an easy task, but you need to take a step back to think about what would look best with your features. You should also consider some of the trending colors for the fall season and whether or not you want to follow those styles. Here are a few of the most popular co
couple during the date night
Many spouses are always hoping that their significant other will start to dress differently. This can be challenging to express your individuality while still making a good impression on your spouse. Here are some of the strategies to employ that will help you show off your fashion sense. Showcase Your Personality Find clo
business casual tips
Has your workplace adopted a business casual dress code? The popularity of casual dress is growing in offices across the country, but the new wardrobe choices are challenging for many employees. If you prefer the simplicity of throwing on a suit each day but would like to dive into the world of business casual, here are fo
baleyage hair
As time goes on and history progresses, it is only natural that culture and style progresses as well. Over the last 100 years, American hairstyles have changed radically, with each decade having its own signature look. The 20s The 1920s was a prosperous time for many people in America. As such, there was a new attitude tow
woman in the office
Appearance at work is more important than you think. Are you the one at the office that always has a wrinkled shirt or dirty shoes? People will always judge you first on the way that you look. Bosses that see you with an unkempt presentation are thinking this effort carries over into your job duties. Build your self-confid
fall menswear
Men love warm and fuzzy as much as women and children when the cool days of autumn roll around. A man’s fall wardrobe should have three basic fabrics that include tweed, wool and suede. Men and Tweeds Tweed is a man’s choice for fall because it has a rough texture that is due to a tight weave. The other reason to add t
beautiful skin
When your facial and body skin isn’t looking its best, there are several things that you can do to bring out your natural allure and grace. You don’t need to use expensive skin care products and loads of makeup necessarily, because there are natural ways to have healthier and more attractive skin. Consider these skin c
beard man
A beard is an essence of manliness for many. Having the right length, shape, and liveliness can all make a difference in how you feel about your body. Here are four great tips that can assist you to grow the beard of your dreams with ease. Use Moisturizer Yes, some guys still have a problem with thinking moisturizing is ju