As the chillier months gradually start to move in we lose that bronze glow as we pile on more and more layers. Yet when it?s time to shed off some clothes and slip into a lovely cocktail dress, or even throw that bikini on for a hot tub dip, our warm radiant tan has turned into more of a pale illuminating shine. Even as the sun gets a little weaker there is no reason for our tan to fade as well!

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So make a point to let your tan stand out in the crowd this winter by trying a few simple tricks that will have everyone else staring with envy.

1. Bronzer

Even though bronzer is used all year round by the avid daily makeup users to sculpt the face, a couple swift brushes of this miracle-working powder can create just the right sun-kissed look.

Bronzer is not only to accent cheeks; it can be used to create warm depth in the chest, neck, and any other exposed skin area peeking through cozy sweaters and dresses. Facial areas such as nose, cheeks and forehead which commonly draw attention of the eyes at first glance can also be dusted on top of your foundation.

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2. Tanning beds

If you are not scared of the additional UVB rays, tanning beds are an awesome alternative to the typical dose of UVA rays you would be getting during summer pool lounging. Not to mention it is a great way to unwind after your workout!

Tanning bed companies can charge set fees for memberships that come in very handy during fall and winter, even though it is a smart idea to check with a local gym that might also offer deals. It may take as little as a two sessions to start seeing results that lead to a speedy tan that won?t come off or stain your clothes like some other remedies.

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3. Spray tans

Spray tans come in two different forms, first is more of a DIY application and second along the lines of a professional grade.

Brands that also specialize in makeup and sun care produce bottle sprays you can buy at any ordinary drug store. Some specialty stores such as Ulta and Sephora offer a more expensive name brand version This means being able to tan whenever you want in the comfort of your home. The second option would be to visit a facility or have a professional come to you for a steady application with full coverage and a more potent formula.

4. Tan Towelettes

Small towels that can be rubbed all over your body will set into the skin in minutes, are more convenient than spray tanning and have less skin damage consequences than real rays. This is a smaller segment of the tanning market, but a quick solution that creates a decent tan nevertheless.

Towels have also been proven to add vitamins to your skin as a smoothing supplement, a bonus in the dryer time of the year.

5. Lotions and gels

Last and cheapest on the list is an array of moisturizers commonly sold along with other sun care products that are convenient in their application method, but can require some waiting time as it dries into your skin.

Lotions and gels have the option of a more gradual tan than the alternative spray tanning as depending on the amount applied and skin tone it can have a natural effect giving you the extra little bronze glow.

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It may not always be the right time to soak up some rays, but you can reap the benefits of several tricks that will keep the compliments coming as you light up a room with a tan that makes you feel like summer is just around the corner.

The writer, Beckie Brochers, is an avid beach-goer who hates the effect that the winters have on her tan and finds techniques that help her maintain that sun-kissed look all year long. When summer roles around, she makes she she has the best bikinis to naturally refresh her tan, and highly recommends www.brazilian-bikinis.org for finding said items. You can learn more about Beckie on Google+.