cowboy black hat

Your inner cowboy may not be able to ride broncos or rope steers, but he can still wear cowboy clothing with distinction. Whether you are headed to a rodeo or an informal company event, dress up in your cowboy attire to celebrate your independent spirit and pride in the past of the Old West. You don’t have to carry a lasso or wear spurs to make an impression. Put on some favorite duds to show you’re not just a city dude.


casual cowboy style

You can find casual cowboy gear in many men’s clothing retail stores. Cowboy Up Apparel Retailer carries a full line of cowboy designs for all occasions. You can find graphic T-shirts or Tees with savvy slogans and Western images in a crew neck style with short sleeves in a variety of popular colors, like gray, blue, and black. Hoodies also come with catchy sayings and quotes that represent the cowboy traditions and values.


woman in a cowboy hat

For special occasions like square dancing, country music concerts, and folk festivals, wear a themed shirt style to fit the mood. Traditional stripes or plaids with roll-up sleeves are frequently seen in polo, snap front, or button-down styles. Pair your shirt by choosing from a variety of jean designs, from straight-leg to Wrangler and Cinch styles in rigid denim and prewashed indigo. Hoodies and pullovers add to the overall effect to make your point of celebrating cowboy life.

All In

cowgirl riding a horse

The sky’s the limit when it comes to adding accessories to enhance your cowboy image. Put on the full look by combining clothes with accessories. Add an eye-catching belt buckle, necktie, and a watch in true cowboy spirit. You can also find themed underwear and briefcases for personal and professional effects. Wallets and cologne can make your outfit complete so that you’ll fit in perfectly as a modern cowboy. Add a ten-gallon cowboy hat, or any style you prefer, to all but complete your look. There is no need to wear chaps or a rawhide vest when you wear clothing that can go anywhere and yet project the unmistakable cowboy persona.

Cowboy Boots

cowgirl during summer

Cowboy boots can take you anywhere and show the public that you are a cowboy at heart. Although boots aren’t required to finish your cowboy look, they add a rich dimension to your overall appearance. A full line of cowboy-style boots are available for casual wear to everyday activities. You can also find the traditional cowboy boots in Western styles that work well with horseback riding or when you dress up to go to the county fair. The boots alone can reveal your cowboy character.

Whether you want to be a little bit cowboy or go whole hog, there are many ways to show your enthusiasm and support for this legendary lifestyle.