What we wear says so much about who we are, sometimes rather blatantly, and no accessory takes this concept quite as far as jewelry. Adding an extra layer of personality, style, and messaging, your favorite jewelry pieces inform your overall look and general vibes. Have you ever wondered what message you might be sending through your bling? Here’s our take, featuring some of the hottest men’s jewelry trends de jure, to help ensure that the rocks you rock are totally “on brand.”


If You Wear a Smartwatch … you probably have a lot of followers on Instagram or maybe you work at a startup. Either way, your Google calendar is meticulously color-coordinated, and you have MapMyRun downloaded on all devices. But just because you’re techy doesn’t mean you’re devoid of style. These days, the smartwatch is a fashion-forward accessory in its own right, rocked by tastemakers like Drake and Pharrell. Most smartwatch proponents pair this wristwear with other informative pieces to show their multifaceted sense of style. You’re high-tech, but that’s not all you are!

If You Wear a Cross Pendant … you probably go to church. This is one of those staple pieces that all faith-based fashion icons have in their jewelry boxes. It’s got various levels, though. If your cross pendant is all white or yellow gold, you’re probably an understated dresser who also just so happens to be a bit spiritual. You might ride a motorcycle or play in a band. If you like your cross pendants iced-out, dripping in diamonds, then you’re probably a bit more on the flashy end and have a collection of limited edition sneakers. If you rock a Jesus Piece, well, you’re basically the Pope.

man watch

If You Wear a High-End Watch … you probably have more where that came from. Think about it: Do you ever hear about a single Rolex? Well, yes, but you more often hear about Rolex collections. For timepiece aficionados, it’s the maker that says the most about you. Rollies are for classicists, collectors, and people who nerd out over tiny little details (oh, and divers and drivers like Paul Newman). Omegas are for thrill-seekers and adventurers (there’s a reason why the Omega Speedmaster was the first watch on the moon, after all). Patek Philippes are for business moguls and, lately, rappers. Either way, you’re a snob about timepieces, and they have to be Swiss, obviously.

If You Wear a Gold Chain … you probably have serious swagger. It doesn’t matter if you rock a slim, gold Cuban link chain sans pendant, a super-heavy dookie rope chain inspired by the icons from the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, or both, depending on your mood; there’s a pretty high chance you’re just an all-around cool, confident dude. Nothing adds to the swag of an outfit quite like a classic gold chain sported solo or layered. If you really want to say something through your jewelry, your chain is probably equipped with some kind of funky pendant like a bedazzled dollar sign or tiger.

If You Wear a Bulky Pinky Ring … you’re probably an entrepreneur. Something about the oversized pinky ring screams classic gangster and money-maker. It doesn’t hurt that this bold style has been brought back into the mainstream by actual moguls, including Jay-Z and P. Diddy. Want to make it scream next-level hustler? Make it frosted. Lately, it’s the diamond-encrusted pinky rings that have been getting the most attention.

If You Wear a Mood Ring … you probably read your horoscope every day. The legendary thermochromic accessory piles on the 1970s vibes, making it perfect for pairing with a feather earring and some fringe. If you rock this kind of finger bling, we’re willing to bet you’re not particularly into material things, and you’re totally fine sporting ice from the vending machine or a table on the boardwalk.

If You Wear a Leather Cuff Bracelet … you might be a bad boy. We don’t want to pigeon-hole you, leather-cuff-lovers, but this edgy accessory screams “I own a motorcycle.” Something about the combination of masculine leather and authoritative hardware (preferably studs, if we’re being real) just makes us think about breaking the rules. Unsurprisingly, this is the choice wrist adornment of actual, iconic bad boys, including Johnny Depp.

beaded bracelet

If You Wear Beaded Bracelets …  you’re probably a natural trendsetter. You might vacation in Tulum or have plans to author a vegan cookbook. You’ve been to Burning Man. Twice. Basically, you’re down-to-earth but not out of touch with reality, and you’re very tuned in to your personal narrative. If you’re all of these things, but you also just so happen to have a bit of an edge, you probably pair your beaded bracelets with the aforementioned leather cuffs, creating a layering look that’s simultaneously attention-grabbing yet relaxed.

If You Wear a Diamond Stud Earring … you’re probably a stud. Seriously, though, the lone diamond stud earring has always been for dudes who are comfortable with their sexuality and exhibit high rankings on the swagger scale. This bold yet simple men’s jewelry trend was a huge thing back in the early 1990s, and—no surprise here—it’s definitely back in style in 2019. A single diamond stud is basically as classic as it gets when it comes to edgy men’s style.

Expressing Yourself Through Jewelry

Like everything you wear, your jewelry gives those around you a glimpse into who you are. Whether you’re a high-roller who collects Rolexes and iced-out Jesus pendants or you prefer your accessories made from feathers and leather, one thing’s for sure: You know how to leverage your personality and work it into what you wear.