Pendants are any type of jewelry that dangles or hangs and are often a part of a larger piece of jewelry. All types of jewelry can feature pendants including bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Diamonds are a popular choice for many extravagant women, women who love class and style, women who love to dazzle and command the attention of a crowd. Diamond pendants are an extremely large selection of fine jewelry that usually intimidate shoppers due to its cost and perceived class.

Although diamonds are said to be the toughest precious stone and the hardest component on earth, you still need to take care of this precious commodity. They are also quite pricy and however you treat them determines whether you invested wisely or you did not. Below are some of the ways in which you can take good care of your diamonds.

  1. Do not expose them to make up or perfumes.

Most people do not know that perfumes and make up contain harsh chemicals that can damage diamond jewelry. It is advised that you should avoid spraying your perfumes directly onto the surface of your pendant. You can also take care and wear your jewelry after you put on your make up and spray your perfumes.

  1. Put away your Jewelry before you involve yourself in contact sports.

It is a good idea to remove all your jewelry before you get into a game or sport that requires physical contact. Any blow to your precious piece may damage it or cause it to come loose from its main piece. Many pendants are easily lost during sporting activities

  1. Store your pendant appropriately

Diamonds are known to be tough precious stones, thereby making people think that they can store them without much protection. It is however important to store it in a jewelry box or a soft fabric pouch in order to avoid any sort of damage. This will also prevent it from scratching your other jewelry.

  1. Remove your diamond pendant before you take a shower

Chemicals present in shampoos or soaps are not really capable of damaging your diamond piece, but they are certainly capable of dulling the shine and causing the radiant appearance of the stone to fade away. The soaps and shampoos usually form a layer of film around it. This will cost you money to restore it to its previous form through professional polishing

  1. Remove your pendant before doing any manual work

One of the greatest myths about diamonds is that, since it is one of the hardest substances on earth, it is indestructible. Unfortunately, involving yourself in manual work or participating in heavy lifting whilst wearing your diamond piece can cause it to chip or scratch. It is advised that you put it away before engaging in such.

Having a diamond piece is a great investment. They are a great addition to any woman’s collection of jewelry. Diamonds never depreciate in value and are usually very timeless pieces. Invest in one today.

Photo by gemteck1