Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs belongs to the exclusive club of designers who are out of fashion boundaries and limits because he?s always among the most wanted ones. His clothes are intensively bought by celebrities who are his ultimate marketing tool.

Stars love him for his imagination which makes him different from other designers. To prove how appreciated he is, few fashionistas and big women of a fashion industry like for example Victoria Beckham agreed to pose naked for Marc Jacobs? charity campaign.

I must admit I?m not blindly following Marc Jacobs fan crowd but he is undoubtely successful. Of course he?s a gay but that?s nothing impressive in the fashion world. Who?s a better companion to the fashion-based small-talks than a gay? Probably no-one. Imagine your boyfriend discussing the latest trends with you. Would he at least give one leading trend? I don?t think so.

I started to like Marc Jacobs when I read his interview in Vogue. He complained about the ubiquitous stud trend which he didn?t find glamorous. He said it has nothing in common with developing personal style. Colours, form, style and accessories ? this is what makes an outfit.

It?s not a secret Marc Jacobs is a gay. Maybe this is the reason why he knows women so well, because he doesn?t look at women like sexual objects but like human beings who need to express their inner self. He understands women like nobody else, it?s no wonder why he?s befriended with Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham. I was very surprised when he rocked some red carpet event in a pink polo dress. Many people would ask, what?! And I respond: no risk, no fun! Go, Marc!