Jessica ALba
Celebrities are a major source of inspiration; be it their acting, their real life, things they say or do and how they live – everything is being watched and copied. Apart from all that, one area where people look up to high functioning celebs for some inspiration and help is their flawless style; the way they dress, acc
Gisele Bundchen
Lately many people have turned to organic alternatives to household cleaning items and food, but there is more to green living than that. Organic skin care is becoming less of a trend and more of a necessity. Because it is legally allowed to use almost any ingredient (dioxane, alcohol, cyclomethicone, etc.) in the products
We simply cannot resist from peeking into our favorite celebrities’ lives from time to time. Especially when it comes to such an important occasion as the wedding day. We always tend to think that A-listers do everything better: they dress nicer, party wilder and have more romantic love experiences. And that is not alway
Ashley Olsen is known for her laid back classic style which is often much more toned down compared to her twin sister Mary-Kate. Ashley loves classic pieces with an on-trend twist. Ashlee is often seen on the streets of New York wearing simple black dress. This is one of her most town down outfits which actually makes it e
The 67th annual Cannes Film Festival has only just begun but we have noticed some fashion trends that are leading on the red carpet. One of our favourite trends is burgundy, and at the ‘Grace of Monaco‘ Premiere we have seen three statement-making celeb gowns in that colour. Blake Lively The Gossip Girl actress
There?s something about smoky, smoldering eyes that make a nightout look complete. Even the Hollywood red carpet shows just how timeless and dramatic this eye makeup is! But what if you lack the time, necessary research, or plain magical hands to transform those plain eyes with a touch of eye cosmetics? What could potentia