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No one wants to lose their purse, but that does not mean it won’t happen. You can hope or pray all you want, but those steps won’t make you immune to mistakes. Losing your purse can be unnerving, but you can find sanity once again with the following tips. While one hopes it will never happen to them, it’s always better to have a game plan in case it happens.


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It is hard to believe in your fellow human beings at times, but the reality is that regular folks can surprise you at times. You might want to go ahead and talk to the personnel at the store, restaurant, or establishment where you lost your purse. Leave your information just in case someone comes across your purse so you can be reached. Sure, this could be a long shot but you never know. You may even try leaving a business card sized note with your information and a reward if someone returns the purse. This may facilitate communication and give even more incentive.


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The next thing you want to do is start canceling all your credit cards and debit cards. The reason you are doing this is because identity theft is very real, and you could become a victim simply because you did not act fast enough. Letting your banks and creditors know of this loss could help you find your purse if it was stolen. Check with your bank about their processes. Some credit cards let you cancel or put temporarily freeze the cards on hold from your smartphone or website. This may allow you to use it again once found.  This “security freeze” usually has no impact on your credit score.


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You want to make sure you get a locksmith to help you open any locked doors you cannot get into. It might also be a good idea to change these locks now that your keys are lost. You should also take a proactive step by asking for a duplicate set of all the keys you have that you can put in a safe place, just in case you lose your keys again. Consider leaving your extra set of keys with a friend or family member to ensure that you can get to them or have them delivered to you.


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Getting an extra set of keys is just one of thing that you can do now that you’ve been through this experience. You can purchase a keychain that you can track using your smartphone. You can also install a digital keypad lock on your house so that you do not have to worry about losing those keys again. Taking these kinds of step may seem drastic, but they are meant to help you be better prepared should this happen to you again.

These are just some of the steps you can take to regain your sanity after losing your purse. Hopefully, this is the last time this happens but at least now you know what to do should you be in this predicament again. Whatever you do, have a detailed plan to follow. This will reduce the anxiety as you’ve made the choices. Having a clear mind will help you retrace your steps and think clearly.