Sex sells and this is what designers clearly know. This year to increase their sales, they decided to introduce a daring underwear as outerwear trend.

I once read that it skyrocketed their sales by 20% or so. What does underwear as outerwear mean? Lots of feminine touches to the fashionable look: lace, sheer, drappings and everything in buduoir-inspired clothes.

How to shop this trend? Buy a lacey blouse, a sheer dress, stockings and try adding these ethereal pieces to your wardrobe. Some time ago stars were adapting this trend and lots of them were seen wearing black lace which I guess is a good start.

I don?t have a clue how to start wearing lingerie-inspired clothes myself because of my partner who gets mad everytime I show an extra inch of my body. He?d probably have a heart stroke if he saw me in a see-through ruffle blouse and a tight-fitting lacey skirt with red lips.

Gosh, he forbids me from wearing underwear as outerwear but hey, I think I?m not the one who?s going to sport this trend. I wouldn?t like to see him staring at some woman in lace, sheer and so. Men are such hypocrites.