Bracelets are trending in fashion jewelry for women for 2014, according to JCK Magazine. Depending on the style of the bracelets and of course, your own personal style, pairing two bracelets on the same wrist is the fashion look this summer. During the summer months, it is likely you will be wearing a lot of short sleeves and tank style tops. Accessorize your wardrobe with these three bracelet styles.



Violet bangle

Bangles are fabulous bracelets for pairing up on. There are several different styles within the bangle style, itself. Silver and gold bangles are classy, simple and pair well with other jewelry pieces and your entire wardrobe; however adding flair in your jewelry selections, really adds to the point of calling it an accessory. Paper wrapped bangle pieces are great in adding artistic expression. Japanese origami paper wrapped bangles add color, floral designs and an Asian culture charm to your ensemble. If you are looking for an organic, go- green and eco-friendly style, consider adding recycled paper and vegan constructed bangle pieces to your bracelet collection. Bangles do not have to be worn individually or as a set; it is common to wear multiple bangle bracelets together. Yellow gold is in this year. Pyrite gold pieces will blend with the yellow gold trend.

Beaded Beauties

colourful beads

Beaded bracelet

The great thing about accessorizing with beaded bracelet selections, is that beads never go out of style. There is also an abundance of bead element choices such as: glass, plastic, pearl, gemstone, metal and wood beads. They also come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Different finishes such as: matte, translucent or opaque, create different accessorizing possibilities. A bracelet constructed with a cord or chain, that showcases one large bead as it’s focal point, pair nicely with a solid bead strand. Solid beaded strand bracelets also layer nicely together on your wrist. Coordinate bright colored colors. Oranges and blues of all different shades and hues, worn together, is trending this summer. Teals, aqua, mustard seed and sunshine yellows wear well with each other. Choose beaded strands that have incorporated these color blends, or find individual strands of each and pair them yourself.


Chamilia charm bracelet

Charm bracelets are, well, they are quite charming. (Pun intended!) There are different types of charm bracelets. You can find unique bracelets with an assortment of charms the designer has coupled together, or choose your own charms for your bracelet selection. Individual charm bracelets that you select yourself can be fun and allows for you to pick out charms that represent things that you love or are passionate about. Designer charm bracelets, however, are a hot item and can be fill the charm and bangle style, when you find the right piece. You can find gold, yellow gold, silver and stainless steel choices in charm bracelets; women?s fashion jewelry never looked so good.

Short sleeve shirts and tank top fashions are great for soaking up the sun and avoiding excessive heat. Don?t let your arms go too bare, and find the right bracelets to accessorize your summertime wardrobe wears.+Laura has a rare collection of fashion jewelry and accessories to dress up any outfit for every occasion for both men and women at styleoutsidethebox.com