What is a must have? Well there?s always something we must have: a dress, a toy, a book, a car. It?s probably a buzzword related to marketing because this is actually what marketing is all about: make people buy goods by proving they need them.

Fashionistas around the world are known for their extravagant lifestyle. They buy a lot of clothes and accessories which they ? most likely ? wear only one season because it?s such a shame to wear last season?s clothes. These clothes land deep in the bottom of their enormous wardrobes and wait until fashion trends repeat.

Moreover, each season there is a list of things worth having ? and they are must-haves. So the fashion must-haves for spring summer 2012 are the following ones. First, a white dress. Then colourful shoes ? peep toes would be the best. Then a bold bag especially with a chain. And an orange lipstick!

Then we?ve got denim. Yes, Alexa Chung loves denim! To make matters worse, different types and styles of denim can be combined together. This used to be considered as a fashion faux pas but it?s allowed this season. Gosh, this summer?s going to be crazy!