It is summertime and whether you are gathering at a backyard BBQ, lounging poolside at a fancy resort, or stepping out into the hottest club with your gal pals for an evening of fun, here are some jewelry 2014 trends that will keep you hot and fresh, in your attire.

ASOS cuff earrings


According to Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor of JCK Magazine “orange should be a go- to jewel color for retailers in 2014.” Orange is a great color for adding a bright, cheerful, summertime radiance to your ensemble. Naturally, it pairs well with it’s complimentary color blue. Blue has been a dominant color in women’s fashion jewelry all year. Lengthy, glass bead necklaces and quartz beaded bracelet pieces, look great with these color combos. You can choose to accessorize these colors in several different hues and tones and they all compliment each other well. Turquoise is a fabulous summer color and popular jewelry stone.


Cuff Bracelet

Paris Metro Cuff Bracelet

Designer cuffs have been spotted all over the red carpet this year. Ear cuffs, arm bands, cuff bracelet fashions and even ankle cuffs have been spotted on celebrities like: Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus and many more. Ear cuffs have fashioned themselves from silver band simplicity to diamond encrusted glamour pieces. We are also seeing cuffs with dangles and chains trending in the world of teen fashion Teen Vogue. Designer cuff bracelets are a great accessory for a summer dress, your favorite jeans and rocker tee, or semi-casual business attire.

Stud Earrings

The great thing about stud earrings is that they offer a timeless style that will never go out of fashion. It has become customary for women to possess multiple ear piercings in one or both ears; making studs a viable fashion option for filling some of those holes. There is a plethora of stud styles to cater to your own creative sense and style in the world of fashion jewelry for women. Diamond studs make a simple, yet, elegant statement as an accessory. Yellow-gold is in this year and is abundant in stud earring selections. Wear your birthstone or favorite gemstone as a cool, color accessory to your outfit. Keep it rocker chic, with a pair of rhinestone skull studs, or a pair of silver spikes. Wearing studs when you have multiple piercings in your ears is a great way to ensure you do not make your ears look too busy or cluttered.

Pearl stud earrings


The trend is wearing two bracelets on one wrist this year. So the trick is pairing two bracelets nicely so that you don’t have a fashion catastrophe at hand, (pun intended!) Alright so how do you do this? You want to ensure if there are colors in your bracelet choices, that they compliment each other. Beaded bracelets are big right now and you can never go wrong with the right charm bracelet. Earthy stones such as tiger’s eye are prevalent in bracelet fashions and help to incorporate a more subtle orange tone, if you are not in to the brighter, more vibrant shades of this trending color.

Pandora charm bracelet

Accessorize this summer with the latest jewelry trends of 2014 and you are sure to make a splash, no matter what the occasion.

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