The great thing about having weddings in the diary is that you get plenty of notice to get organised! People often set their date up to a year in advance, so there is absolutely no excuse for you not to turn up in a perfectly well-thought-out outfit! You have all the time in the world to get sorted, but the key is to start soon ? the closer you get to the big event, the more pressure you will feel. We?ve all purchased things under pressure that we have regretted since. Because there will no doubt be plenty of photographs being taken throughout the day, you will look back and cringe if you get your outfit wrong. Here is our guide to finding the perfect outfit for any wedding:

Consider the Venue

Where is the wedding being held? If it?s a marquee in a field then stilettos are probably not the way forward! The type of venue will give you lots of clues as to what you should wear, and this is actually a good thing, as having parameters actually helps you to narrow your options. Consider which season the wedding is to be held in too ? you don?t want to be too warm or too cold, so make sure the dress suits the climate.

Look Everywhere!

First of all, trawl the dress shops in town to get some ideas. You may well find the perfect dress or trouser suit there, but hold out as you may find it online cheaper. Just try it on to make sure you get the right size. There are plenty of shops which have entire sections of party dresses and cocktail dresses, so browse away, and take a friend with you for a second opinion. The only rule is ?don?t wear white?! Upstaging the bride is a big no-no and it will be embarrassing for everyone there. It might be as well to find out which colour the bridesmaids are wearing too so you don?t pick that colour.


Once you have found the perfect outfit it?s time to accessorise it! Weddings are a great excuse to go all out, so find an amazing hat or fascinator to go with it. Then think about jewellery, shoes and a handbag. Make sure the colour and style is sympathetic to the dress. Accessories can make or break an outfit so if you?re not sure then always get a second opinion from a friend.

Hair and Makeup

You?ll need to be beautifully turned-out, so if you have the money then visit a hairdresser so they can do you beautiful ?up-do?. You could also get your makeup done professionally too if you?d like a proper treat. Remember to take some essentials with you on the day such as hair pins, face powder and lipstick.

Getting ready for a wedding is a really fun thing to do; so on the morning of the day itself, why not invite other friends over that are coming too? You can all get ready together, and share a bottle of bubbly in anticipation of celebrating the upcoming union!

Author bio: Jenny Wadlow is a freelance blogger who enjoys writing about weddings. She attends a lot of weddings and parties and prefers to buy her clothes online at pilgrimclothing.com.au. She is an openhearted person who likes travelling and meeting new people.


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