woman holding a lipstick

Pucker up! You are about to perfect your pout. Whether you?re trying to pull off a bold new lip or just want your lipstick to stop feathering, these makeup artist tricks will help you obtain those perfectly colored lips.

contour your mouth

Exfoliate and Moisturize
Before you can even think about grabbing your lipstick, make sure your lips are in great condition. Exfoliate lips regularly and moisturize them at night. This will keep your lips smooth and prevent lip colors from bleeding and feathering.

The trick to achieving flawless colored lips is to use foundation. According to professional makeup artist, Bobbi Brown, the foundation will even out the skin around the lips and makes the lipstick last longer. With this in mind, prepare the lips with a thin layer of foundation. Brown recommends using a sponge to blend foundation close to the lip line. Dab a drop of powder from a powder puff to set. Then, watch the color POP!


Draw the Line
Use lip liner to create a template for the marvelous color you plan to apply. Chanel makeup artist, Kate Lee, believes you should line your lips with a liner that matches your natural lip color. Want fuller lips? Plump up your pout with the liner. Specifically, draw a line slightly over the edge of your natural lip line.

try different lipstick shades

Choose the Perfect Color

Find a color you love! Lilit from Lili Buzz says plum shades are very popular this year. To select the perfect color, you will need to know your skin?s undertone. Are you a cool-toned gal, or a warm-toned babe? Celebrity makeup artist, Kindra Mann points out the difference. If you have a cool skin tone, you look best in shades with blue and purples in them. On the other hand, warm-toned skin looks better with lip colors that have yellow undertones. Are the veins on your inner wrists blue (cool) or green (warm)? If you have hints of blue and green, you are one lucky girl. You can wear any color.

Apply the Perfect Shade
For the initial application, apply lipstick with a brush for even coverage. Brown says that a lip brush will help to further define the shape of your lips. First, press the brush onto the lips, making sure to fill in the creases and corners. Next, fill in the entire area of the upper lip, starting in the middle. Then apply the lipstick to the center of the lower lip and fill in the entire mouth.

red lipstick
Go Glossy
Lip gloss is always sexy. Just a dab in the center is all you need. There?s something about the light reflecting off the lip gloss that will make even the strongest man fall to his knees.

Now stop staring in the mirror! Go rock those marvelous lips.