Fashion is a relative term. It is defined by the place, occasion, style and taste of people around you. Being a fashionista has everything to do with understanding how to accessorize differently. Anything unique and out of the ordinary makes a statement among peers; and the cool mix-and-match stands out in the crowd. In today?s fashion scenario, sunglasses are indispensable. Shades available in different tint and hues, for various occasions, are a hit. Here?s where Ray Ban Wayfarer comes in, to help you find your own favorite kind of sunglasses, from the various choices it offers. And it has stood out in the market for decades, taking pride in the big range of customers from different backgrounds, professions, areas and walks of life.

Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses

Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Developed by the Ray Ban Company in 1956, the name Ray Ban Wayfarer speaks of style, durability, and comfort. It makes a fashion statement that is here to stay for long. It has a long iconic history. It has gained a lot of popularity in the decades, starting from its inception in the 20th century. With its different shapes and sizes, and frame designs, it gives ample amount of options to its customers. Its plastic frames are light, long lasting, and easy to handle and care. It takes care of comfort of the wearer. The earlier metallic frames were heavy, and not so easy to wear every day. Some come in choicest colors and have beautiful prints on them. That makes it worth flaunting in any event, casual or not.

ray ban mirrored aviator sunglasses

Beware of Fake

Like all successfully selling items in the market, RayBan Wayfarer has its fake counterpart. So be careful that you don?t waste your money for the copy rather than the original piece. Certain precautions while buying them would help you steer clear of duplicates.

  1. First, use your own discretion to judge the quality of the lens. The view through the glasses, the finish and the texture tells about the originality.
  2. Then, check and judge the logo. A careful observation can help distinguish between the real and the fake one.
  3. Look for the model numbers and signatures. These are present in every piece. Signatures are tricky and difficult to copy, so the authenticate ones are easy to tell apart.
  4. Buying from a trusted retailer or from a good shop having a brand and name would keep you on the safe side.

Mix and Match

Ray Ban Wayfarer gradient sunglasses

Fashion of this generation is all about mix and match. A casual wear with an oversized shade looks cool. Open hair, funky goggles and loud denims can turn eyes. Even simple and sober monotone attire complements very well to multicolor frames covering the eyes. Try vintage with the classic sepia tinted lens- it is sure to bring laudings and appreciations. While travel too it becomes quite a useful item in your kit. And if you are not wearing it, put it through your hair on the top of the head; put it on display on your shirt or scarf; or beautify your oversized bag adorning it with these sunglasses. The options are many. Country or couture- it goes with it all.

Nina Jones is a freelance writer who writes for many travel and fashion websites.