When rocking a new set of glasses, it’s easy to feel like your most gorgeous features are hidden behind thick frames, and without the proper makeup techniques, sometimes they can be! But don’t fret, beautiful. With these helpful hints, your eyes will be popping and your glasses will simply be a cute accessory to your look, not the focal point of it.

Think Thick! (Eyeliner That Is)

ginger girl

Don’t be afraid to go bold with eyeliner. The thicker your frames are, the thicker the liner will need to be to compensate. After all, you don’t want it getting lost in the mix and have it start blending in with your spectacles. Nix any dark colors on your bottom lash line, this will just close the eye up. Focus instead on your upper lid and making clear, thick lines.

Pump Up the Volume! (On You Lashes)

Full, thick lashes instantly draw attention to those peepers. Curl your lashes first to ensure they really stand out. Next, you’ll want to pick a volumizing mascara and layer it on, combing out any clumps between coats.

Bold is Beautiful! (When it Comes to Brows)

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Filling in your brows really ties up any look, especially when wearing glasses. If you have light hair, go a shade or two darker than that of your powder, and if your hair is dark, a shade or two darker. Be sure to groom your eyebrows, then fill them in from the arch to the ends, then from the start of the brow to the arch.

Cake is Great! (But not on Your Face)

Your face makeup should stay fairly simple when playing up the eyes. Plus, who wants foundation all over their glasses? Even out your skin with a tinted moisturizer and some concealer, if necessary. Then throw on a bit of blush and bam! Picture perfect.

Pay Some Lip Service! (To That Pout)

You can play up those lips with some bright lipstick or glosses to pull the look together; and don’t be afraid of a little color! If you’re more of a neutral gal, simply apply some balm and a shade that is about two tones darker than your skin tone for a kissable pout anyone would envy.

Blot It! (But Don’t Smudge)

Earlier we talked about our face makeup rubbing off on our glasses, which is never a good look. Pick up some blotting papers to use throughout the day and keep oil at bay. At places like the Spectacle Shoppe, Inc. you can also find thin frames and styles that won’t rub against your cheeks or temples.

Now that you’re makeup is done and those frames are in place, go face the world and put your best face forward!