If you were to ask anyone in today?s society what the 1970?s were about, the general answer would have been experimentation and pushing the social boundaries away from the normal. While bell bottom pants and afros were happening back in those days, they have been a thing in the past ever since. However, one piece of clothing that has made a roaring comeback to the fashion scene is the jumpsuit.

70s jumpsuit

The wonder of jumpsuits were first worn in the 1970?s. An era of disco, rock ?n roll, and flower power ruled society as jumpsuits made their way on to the grooviest of dance hall floors. They have always been around in style; jumpsuits even made a comeback in the 1980?s when more women were seen going back into the work force. Lately though, jumpsuits are coming trendy for summer for its easy to wear mentality and are a great transition piece.

Don’t Be Shy To Try

white ASOS jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a great heat friendly item of clothing to invest in because you feel comfortable in it all day and it?s so easy to style and wear. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, try finding a solid color jumpsuit say, for instance, a white jumpsuit. The next step would be to find a dark jacket and only use one button for the jacket. When you walk in, everyone will assume that you?re wearing a white shirt and matching pants with a dark jacket. When you take off the jacket, people will notice and think, ?Wow, that look is so sharp and different!? If you?re worried about wearing all white, try going with black, which can aid as both classy and laid back, depending on the way you decide to style your outfit. One suggestion that may be useful, if you wear an all-black jumpsuit, is pairing it with red shoes and lipstick to make you really stand out and pop! Jumpsuits can even serve a great purpose in the work place. Wearing a jumpsuit is perfect, whether you?re in a work meeting or meeting up with friends for lunch. If you feel as though jumpsuits may look a little too formal, try looking for rompers. They are the short jumpsuits that show off your legs, but still have you feeling covered and confident. Rompers are great for any outdoor activity as well as social gathering with friends and family.

How To Wear

Here are some tips when you should not wear a jumpsuit. If you have too many planned activities in your schedule that are all different from each other, I would not bother wearing a jumpsuit. While a jumpsuit is a great transition piece, you know the outcome would turn ugly going from playing outside to going to work in the exact same jumpsuit. Sometimes, the occasion that you?re attending can call for a jumpsuit. Other times, such as a baptism or a baby shower, would seem inappropriate to on lookers, judging you for not wearing something formal as a dress. Another helpful suggestion for jumpsuits that are full of color, the accessories you add should complement the outside, not steal the spotlight. Try adding a black or nude shoe and handbag make the jumpsuit go from casual to a cute summer outfit.

elegant tuxedo jumpsuit

So the next time you see a jumpsuit, don?t be shy and try it on! There is a reason why men and women can rock this outfit in any time period. It has everything going for it, making any jumpsuit cool to wear and looking different from everyone else. It?s one of very few pieces of clothing that comes around every decade or so, to remind us what a good transition piece is really all about. Finally, jumpsuits are great for those long steamy summer days, whatever it is you have going on in your day. Invest in this chic and timeless look, if you haven?t already! You never know when they?ll come back in style again and make their way into our hearts and closets.

romper suit

Romper suit

Elizabeth L. is top fashion writer for UK lifestyle magazines, she is traveller and different culture observator.