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Smiling raises your spirits and makes other people happy as well. It attracts other people’s attention, and makes you look more attractive and radiant. However, not every smile will do so, which is why you must know how to smile and find the perfect one for you. In addition to perfecting your trademark smile, it is also important to take care of your dental hygiene and a couple of other things as well.

The Higher the Confidence the Brighter the Smile

Boosting your confidence can make you look more content, happy, and attractive to others. In general, it transfers the inner satisfaction of a person to the outside, through a smile. When you smile, other people will also feel happier and more comfortable than if they were surrounded by a sad, frown person. High level of confidence will automatically make you smile more often, which will consequently bring happy thoughts and happy life. A sincere smile is the only smile that will look gorgeous on you.

Smile with Your Eyes

If you are not sure whether someone has a genuine smile, just look into their eyes. Muscles around the eyes change once a person smiles sincerely. If there are no little wrinkles around the eyes during a smile, the person’s smile is forced and not genuine. In order to achieve that perfect sincere grin, try squinting a little. For those who have a wide smile, this can be the reflex reaction. Raising eyebrows and widening the eyes can also help. Finally, try tilting a head a little and achieve that flawless grin. Not every angle of your face is the perfect one, which is why tilting will help you find the one that makes you look the best.

Dental Hygiene is Essential

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Nothing will make your smile perfect if you do not take care of your oral health. It is essential that you brush your teeth at least twice a day for three minutes. If you like having food that leaves stains on the teeth, such as coffee, wine, and sugary foods it is recommended you wash your teeth each time you have a cup of coffee or a bar of chocolate. Furthermore, you can use a straw while drinking these staining substances so that you can avoid a direct contact with teeth.

Furthermore, flossing is a great addition to brushing. Flossing once or twice a day before you brush your teeth will remove plaque that is hard to reach with a toothbrush – right between the teeth. This is the best way to prevent a build up of yellow plaque.

Sometimes solely flossing and brushing does not provide the perfectly white teeth, which calls for some homemade whitening treatments. Drugstore whiteners can cost a lot of money, which makes homemade remedies much better alternative. A good teeth whitener is a mixture of a little bit of baking soda and a usual amount of toothpaste. Brushing with this once a week will make the teeth brighter than usual, and your smile more beautiful.

Professional whitening treatments can be dangerous if not used properly. If you have cavities and sensitive gums, these can be very painful and not much effective. Drugstores offer various dental whitening strips that help with surface and deeper stains. However, these might have limited effect if the teeth are filed with darker stains.

Dental whitening trays have more powerful whitening gel than the strips, so it is best if you consult your orthodontist on using these products. Furthermore, a dental whitening procedure can be done at your dentist’s office and protect your gums as well.


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If teeth are crooked, they will not look as white as the straight teeth. Therefore, adult braces are the great help to achieving the perfect smile. However, the wire on the teeth can make you look somewhat strange, which is the main reason why many people are not open to wearing braces. Fortunately, Insvisalign is much better solution than the braces. Orthodontist explain that unlike traditional wire braces that require constant adjustments and tightening, Invisalign reduces irritation by sitting over the teeth. Furthermore, the treatment requires patient to brush and floss the teeth after every meal before putting the aligners back in. Consequently, plaque build-up and tooth decay are reduced.

Keeping teeth healthy and cavity free is essential to an overall health of a person. The previous few suggestions will help you achieve that. Additionally, women can improve their white smile if they use a red or pink lipstick with a blue undertone. It will really bring up the white in your teeth. However, when teeth are filled with cavities and not treated properly, or at all, that leads to various other diseases including kidney and heart problems. The best recommendation is to stay away from the food that harms your teeth, and take care of your oral hygiene regularly and thoroughly. After all, the prettiest smile comes from the healthy teeth.