woman in a sequin dress

It is almost here: the craziest night of the year! We personally can’t believe that 2018 is already over and that we need to start thinking about NYE outfit! When it comes to trends, 2018 has been pretty wild. We like it how designers have become a lot bolder and keep bombing us with colors, sequins, velvet etc. All in all, this New year’s eve we need to say goodbye to 2018 and enter 2019 the right way: by being as stylish as we can be. Here are some examples:

Say hello to sequins

sequin photo
This trend made me the happiest girl in the world. Many girls love to sparkle but I really, really LOVE to sparkle. The best thing is that there are so many options, oh my! Here are some outfits that we have in mind:

  • Sequin dress and black over the knee boots with the clutch that matches them
  • Sequin mini A-skirt with a white shirt, black heels and clutch
  • Black cigarette pants, black blouse, pointed toe heels and black, gold or silver sequined blazer
  • Black or gold sequin pants with black or white long sleeved shirt and heels
  • Ripped jeans, white blazer and sequin blouse

As you can see, the key to look fancy and stylish while wearing sequins is to wear only one sequin piece per outfit. Since sequins already draw all of the attention to themselves, you have to be really minimalistic in order to avoid looking tacky and tasteless.

Slip dresses


It’s like we’re in the nineties once again. It is like it was yesterday when Kate Moss shook the world with her see through slip dress in 1993. Nipples exposed, feet in flip-flops, marvelous. These, just like many other garments and accessories, find their way into the 21st century. They are cute, they are sexy and they are iconic. Here is how to wear them:

  • Take your mini black slip dress and wear it with your hair in a high ponytail, strong makeup and over the knee boots. Meow!
  • If you are into long dresses you can wear a long slip dress with a nice simple blazer and single strap heel sandals
  • Layer it with a white T-shirt and spice your look with over the knee boots

If you like these dresses, the good news is that there are many dresses on sale right now since this is the perfect time for shopping because of all the Christmas discounts.



Lace is the material which is present for a very long time now. From the end of 15th century to be precise. It managed to stay on till today because it is that fabulous. When it comes to styling lace garments, there are some things you have to know:

How to wear it

Just like sequins, since lace by itself draws a lot of attention, you have to keep it minimum. You are allowed to wear one lace piece per outfit. Next, you have to be covered up (unless you want to look like a prostitute). This means one thing – layering. Also, be very careful with it. Since it is a very fragile material, you have to take care on how you are washing it, where are you sitting, how are you drying it etc.

Lace outfits


Let’s get right to it shall we?

  • Classic with simple lace details and gold belt
  • Slip red dress with black lace tights and boots
  • Lace skirt with a white or black blouse and sandals
  • Lace shorts and a crop top with blazer and high heels

Lace is a material which gives you the feeling of fairytale princess. It adds glamour to every outfit.

That would be it. I hope I gave you some ideas and that you will have a wonderful celebration. If you have some other ideas, feel free to tell me about them in the comments. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.