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Are you bored of your clothes collection but don?t have the money to splash out on new things to wear? This is a common problem, and many of your friends will be feeling the same way! So don?t despair, the perfect solution for you all is to arrange a clothes-swapping party. You will all come away with new (to you!) items of clothing that you can wear with pride, and some of your more neglected clothes will go to a brand new home for a new lease of life! Here are our tips on how to throw an amazing clothes-swapping party that you and your friends will love!

Get Organized

You?ll need to get a few friends together, so set a date and time for the event and make sure that everybody keeps it clear. It may be worth organizing the party on Facebook just so everybody gets the same information and instructions. When the day comes, get some drinks and nibbles in so that everybody feels relaxed and ready for a closet-raid!

Give Everybody the Instructions

People will need to know what to expect before the event, so make sure you tell everyone what is involved. Basically, everybody takes a certain number of items of clothing from their own closet (5-10 is a good number), choosing clothes they no longer wear. They bring it along to the party, have a look at what everybody else has brought along, and then the swapping begins! If all swaps are done properly then everybody should head home with 5-10 new items of clothing. It only works if everybody brings clothes along so make this clear from the outset.

Choose Your Items for Swapping

This is a really good excuse to have a good closet clear-out. Everybody struggles to keep a closet looking tidy, so pull everything out, set aside anything that you are willing to swap, and put everything back neatly, folding and hanging everything for safe storage. Make sure that the clothes that you are going to swap are in a good state ? if they are ripped or buttons are hanging off then people won?t want them. While you?re in an organizing frame of mind, this could be a good chance to get a closet organizer so that you have increased storage for your clothes and shoes.

Party Time!

When the party comes, everybody will have loads of fun sitting down, chatting and swapping clothes. Make sure it is fair so that everybody leaves with the same amount of clothes, otherwise they may feel a bit cheated. Perhaps after the party you could all head out into town rocking your new outfits? There?s nothing like a girlie night out to bring out the giggles ? so make sure you make a night of it!

Clothes swapping parties are great and it?s a really good way of getting rid of old clothes that you never wear anymore, and in the process sprucing up your wardrobe with some new pieces. Too many clothes just get trashed without being passed on to somebody else ? so you are doing your bit for the environment too!

Author bio: This post has been contributed by Mark Thomas, an employee at Room Idea which deals in custom kitchen cabinets in Toronto. He is an auto enthusiast and he works on car restoration projects in his free time. Log on to http://www.roomidea.ca to know about his company.