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Nothing ruins a nice pair of legs like the appearance of spider veins. More women than men develop this common skin condition, which features small red, purple, and blue vessels. Don’t worry; there are a number of ways to conceal these annoying twisted and turning little veins when it comes to fashion. Let’s look first at the numbers.

The US Department of Health and Human Services Office finds that 55 percent of women have some kind of vein problem. That includes varicose veins, which are the knotted-looking enlarged veins that appear on the legs and feet. Pelvic congestion syndrome is another condition when varicose veins develop around the ovaries, similar to leg varicose veins. Pelvic congestion syndrome treatment is successful in hormone medications or non-surgical embolization.

1. Self Tanner

sun bathing

If you can achieve a natural tan, then allow your legs to bask in their beautiful bronze radiance. Otherwise, fake a tan to maintain that golden glow, which is excellent for diminishing the appearance of spider veins.

Spray on self-tanner creates instant sheer pantyhose. It dries to an elegant, even finish, and most folks will be eyeing your bronze legs, not your veins.

2. Pantyhose

woman without spider veins

Iconic beauty Christie Brinkley wears nude-colored hose when she appears at public events. At age 63, the stunning model says that pantyhose “give me a sense of security.”

For those who prefer a not so sheer look, tights are another trendy stylish option.

3. Pants

girl in jeans

Putting on a well-fitting pair of jeans, for example, instantly takes care of spider veins insecurity. People will be noticing the shape of your legs and not what’s concealed behind them.

Pants are the great equalizers: you can look fashionable, elongate your figure, and not have to worry about skin imperfections.

4. Leg Makeup

young girl in denim shorts

There are an abundance of leg makeups on the market for spot treatment. These products have been so well-designed, they can conceal scars, burns and other skin issues.

Some of these formulas act like under eye concealers, quickly hiding spider veins and allowing them to blend into the background.

5. Boots

girl in short denim skirt

Ask most men, and they’d agree how sexy high-heeled boots are on a woman. Boots are versatile and classic footwear to own in several styles. From ankle booties to calf length and mid-thigh, boots are timeless fashion assets.

Many of us deal with spider veins. There’s no need for shame; gain self-confidence by fashionably concealing them.


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