evening bags

Formal parties are not just about socializing; it is also about showing off your oomph and the ton of style that is just your own.  And there are more ways than one to let people know – dresses, shoes, hairdos, and bags. Yes, bags!

Bags are an intelligent investment, something that you can carry around with a score of outfits. Whatever your style may be, you will find one that suits your brand of style. So, here are some bags that you can add a million dollar look to your persona at any formal party.

  1. A Classy Coach Bag

Black Coach Bag

Coach spells a distinct style replete with elegance and chique. These are available in different colors, but black is the perpetual favorite when it comes to formal parties. For those ladies who wish for a bag that is stylish as well as spacious, a Coach evening bag is just what you need.

  1. Diorama Dior Bag

Diorama Dior Bag

Dior goes for super –stylish bags and if you carry one, you are likely to be the show-stopper. The Diorama comes in a variety of colors and patterns, from classy quilted black, to matte and floral. Choose it according to the outfit you wish to don and you’re good to go.

  1. BCBG Evening Clutch

BCBG Silver ClutchIf you are one of those who like to make a bold statement every time you enter a party scene, this is the bag for you. With a splash of vibrant colors, beads, sequins, satin, leather or whatever you please, these party BCBG clutches go best with solid colored dresses.

  1. Burberry Evening Bag

Burberry Clutch BagThere’s something so elegant about the Burberry plaids, something that the formal parties love. But well, this time, it is not just the beige, black and white; there are additions of cherry, reds and browns. If you do not want to play it loud, Burberry is the brand for you.

  1. Jessica McClintock Clutch

Jessica McClintock bagIf glitzy is what you need, Jessica McClintock clutches are just your thing. Glamour is writ large on this purse. So, whether it is a wedding, or a corporate party, these clutches make you the head-turner of the evening.

  1. Banana Republic Chain Bag

Banana Republic BagBanana Republic leather chain bags can be the soul of your style of dress. These ones are the fence-sitter between formal and casual, but surprisingly work well for both the occasions. One thing you cannot bet them in, is the choice of colors. Solids bright, soothing pastel – whatever you prefer, the Banana Republic chain bags have got it for you.

These 6 bags are real show-stoppers in their own regard. Just keep in mind to buy the one that compliments you personality and can has the ability to add charisma and charm. Also keep in mind the kind of dress and shoes that you carry with it. Juts do that and you shall be the real belle of the ball.

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