Fall is the season of the year wherein the scorching hot, beachy-summer fun is ended and the anticipation of the colder and longer nights of winter begins. It is also a time when the colors of the leaves in trees change in splendor. And much like the changes that take place in the environment, the fashion world also keeps in step with the changes of the season. Fall is one of the most exciting seasons in the fashion world as there are trends that really make and leave a lasting impact among women. But as the years pass and the seasons change from year to year, the trends also take shape and evolve. And when it comes to ladies handbags, here are some trends this Fall 2012 that you should keep in step with and will eventually fall in love with as well.


Isaac Mizrahi bag

Isaac Mizrahi purse

Going back to basics
Fashion is about progression, innovation and creativity; I guess we all have to agree on that. But sometimes, the basics still come into play and outplay the latest trends. Despite being old, these simple trends prove that they are timeless, and that can be proven with Fall 2012?s handbag picks as the minimal approach takes center stage anew. The minimal shapes of the ladies handbags are what is going to be the ?in? thing this fall season. Regardless of the treatment of the bags and the materials that you prefer as some would want the traditional black leather handbags while other prefer other textures like the use of fur and utilizing other embellishments and adornments, it is the minimal shapes that will be the key this season.


Prada satchel

Prada satchel

Embroidery makes noise
Another trend that will be a sure fire hit this Fall of 2012 is the use of embroideries in the ladies handbags and purses. Like what we mentioned above, fashion is all about innovation and creativity, and the trends for this year?s Fall season will give you ample room to strut your stuff as far as creativity is concerned. So don?t be afraid to turn your handbags, be it black handbags, canvas or bag that is made of any other material into your very own ?canvas? for your artwork. Try to do some embroidering on your plain-looking bags and purses and set the trend this Fall of 2012.


Balenciaga handbag

Balenciaga bag

Blood of style and elegance
And when it comes to the colors that are considered to make a stunning impact this Fall, burgundy red or oxblood is the color that you should be seen wearing and carrying as far as your handbags and purses are concerned. Yes, you will never go wrong with black handbags but bags and purses with burgundy color will make you stand out this season. The colors boasts of a different kind of class and elegance, giving you that elite look with a brush of sexiness.

It really doesn?t matter what type of bag or purse you go for as burgundy most likely works great on any of them. But try to go for satchels and clutch bags that have this color to complete your classy look even on the most serious, important or intimate gatherings that you have for the season.

So keep in step with the handbag trends this 2012 and be the star wherever you may go.

About the author: Patricia May has been writing about general fashion and chic handbags which she truly loves to death.

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