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Have you ever seen a woman carry a large purse or tote to a concert, wedding or dance club? Of course you haven’t seen a woman carry these large shopping bags full of stuff to such events. We need a purse that only holds the essentials, is easy to carry and can even fit into a back pocket when we feel like putting on our dancing shoes.

Clutch purses are the perfect accessories for women who are always on the go. They are smaller than normal purses; a clutch purse can hold the basic things such as lipstick, powder makeup, credit cards and cash. In fact, several clutch purses are so small that they are only slightly bigger than lipstick containers.


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White clutch. Image: author owned

Which Clutch Purse Should You Pick For The Special Occasion?

When trying to decide on the right clutch purse to take to the right occasion, keep these factors in mind. What do you plan to carry to the event that is necessary to have fun and look your best? And what do you plan to do at the event?

At certain events, all you will really need is cash and makeup. At other events, you may need a few more items such as concert or movie tickets, tissues, keys, cell phone, mace, and a pen and small notebook to jot down a phone number. Once you know what you have to carry, you can narrow down your choices in clutch purses.

Event Plans

MILLY Kendra Minaudiere Clutch

Next, figure out what you plan to do at the event. If you are going to an elegant restaurant to eat, you don’t really need a clutch purse with a strap as it will sit next to you on the table. Yet if you are going to a concert where you will be standing up and dancing, you want your hands free to wave a lighter in the air during those dark and emotional guitar solos. So a clutch purse with a wrist strap would work best as you can keep the purse near you but have your hands free to move about.

When you are going to the club with tons of people, you have to be careful about carrying a purse. Leaving a purse on a table to go dance will more than likely end up missing during the night. Yet dancing with a purse with a shoulder strap can get annoying as you want your arms free to hold someone special during those slow dance songs. A clutch purse that can slip into a pocket or attach to your wrist is ideal when a shoulder purse becomes bothersome. Just ensure the purse stays in your pocket and away from pickpockets.

Choose Your Look

Whiting & Davis chain flap clutch

Clutch purses have a variety of looks to choose from: elegant, classy, modern, vintage and contemporary. So you can dress up or dress down with a clutch purse. Look stylish with a rhinestone clutch purse at the next wedding you attend or show off the latest club trends with a knuckle ring purse when going out on the dance floor with the girls.

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