working girl in blazer

It’s the middle of the year and some of the coolest and most happening fashion trends have already splashed all over the scene. And of course, there’s no reason why you should underplay your office style quotient this summer. Don’t miss out on these tips for staying fashionable at the workplace this summer.

Dress up dressy

Like always, this summer’s going to be hot too, and all you probably want to wear to work is something that’s just comfortable enough to beat the heat; casual most likely. Trust me, casual is by far the worst pick for office attire ever; there’s no telling what meetings just might pop up when you least expect them, and your favorite pants and Tees aren’t going to get you anywhere. Besides, putting in some extra effort to look good everyday juts might keep you motivated enough to last the entire day. So dress up in some trendy summer dresses to make you look fashionable and presentable at work any day, any time

Dare to bare

If there’s one fashion trend that never goes obsolete in the sweltering summer heat, its skin show. Dare to bare with sleeveless tops and miniskirts this summer. You’ll be oozing with confidence as you up your style game at the work place. Not to mention, you’ll be intimidating a handful of your male counterparts as they drop their jaws wide open. Just some advice; make sure you don’t cross that fine line between dare to bare and baring it all for a rather inappropriate display of skin at the office.


statement necklace

And since you’ll be going dressy, you might want to consider accessorizing up as well; after all, jewels are a girl’s best friend, aren’t they? Accessorizing is one of the best–and most affordable–ways to work the latest trends into your work wardrobe, and there are some pretty amazing hot jewelry trends this summer. Start with your basic staples as the foundation and then add items like a brightly-colored skinny belt to draw in the waistline, a few fancy beaded strings over a solid top, some eye-catching bracelets when you go sleeveless, and finally a warm-toned bold lipstick to draw in some extra attention.

Walk on style

Flip flops are a hot favorite for beating the summer heat as far as most people are concerned. But they’re an absolute disaster for the office – a bit too casual, and unprofessional for impromptu meetings. In general open toed shoes can be messy if you don’t have well-kept feet. To avoid any such foot fiascos at work, experiment with chunky heels and pumps for a better fit at the workplace. Black is almost an office essential, but hey, there’s no harm in experimenting with some vibrant summer colors.

Bag a big bag

evening bag

These bags from this spring are simply to die for. And even if they might be just off of your budget, the list is good enough to give you some ideas about what you should be carrying to work this summer. Besides, if you’re experimenting with the footwear this summer, then why hold back with your choice of bag to carry along? Ditch the conventional black bag and opt for something that’s big, bright, and fashionable.