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Getting a wedding invite is a great honor extended to you by your friends and/ or family. It is therefore important for you to honor the invite. Your presence will be appreciated but what will make the bride and groom happier is you showing up dressed according to the outlined theme.

Themed weddings celebrate a style and there being uniformity gives a harmonious style. You may be having a challenge selecting the perfect dress that suits the theme. The following list has been compiled to help you out. What would you wear to:

  1. Sleek and sophisticated/City wedding

Couples that go for trendy/city wedding themes with all the sophisticated settings and dressing up demand a lot from their invited guests. Every invited guest must put their best foot and fashionable clothing on.

To match simply, go for modern designs and shapes of clothing. Graphic prints and sophisticated contemporary styles will add oomph to the outfit and will leave you as the most glamorous guest in the wedding. You may also go for bold colours, unique patterns and cuts.

  1. Vintage wedding

This wedding theme is also termed romantically retro. To pull off that elegant and vintage inspired look, you should go back to your roots. There are many classic accessories you can pair with your vintage dress and hats/old school heels will go a long way in celebrating the day. An endless gallery of vintage dresses is available and you will be rocking the party.

  1. Black tie wedding

A black tie wedding gives you the perfect opportunity and the honor of being glamorous. It is a glam filled affair and bold accessories, embellished gowns as well as statement high heels are expected. There are many shops with trendy wholesale clothing and you have no excuse for not following the theme.

  1. Destination wedding

An invite to a destination wedding presents a chance for you to go all out on colors and prints. Most destination weddings take place by the beach and you should go for vibrant floral clothing. Lightweight fabrics in vibrant prints are recommended. Sandals and low open shoes or wedges should be worn.

  1. Country wedding

A couple’s sheer love for the country will push them to exchange nuptials and hold the preceding celebrations within the country setting. A country wedding calls for bright hues, delicate laces intricately designed with modern and traditional pattern twists. The dresses in particular will remain comfortable and very classy. Bows, hats and laces are predominant in country weddings and you will hardly go wrong.

  1. African weddings

Have you been invited to a traditional African wedding? If so, then that is your chance to don clothing with African prints of complete outfits made of Ankara, vitenges, kente, etc. You may also consider braiding your hair or matching your dress or suit with a matching head piece.

In conclusion, these wedding themes and the stated type or categories of clothing to wear, especially for the ladies will ensure that you don’t feel out of place at an invited wedding or miss out completely because of the theme’s specificity. Get matching accessories and wear your best dancing shoes. Then, be ready to dazzle.

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Sam Collins is a wedding planner and fashionista running his own wedding and casual wear fashion line. His ideas and fashion designs are mind blowing. Check his website for trendy wholesale clothing and accessories.