blonde hair on a windy day

Everyone has those days when their hair looks like a movie star’s—it’s thick, shiny, frizz-free, and you feel unstoppable! Yet, everyone also has those days when it looks like your hair woke up on the wrong side of the bed—it’s limp, dull, frizzy, and nothing you do makes a difference. To keep those bad hair days at bay, here’s a list of go-to questions to ask your hairdresser the next time you are at the salon. These questions will get you on the right track to keeping your hair chic, sleek, and oh, so sweet.

1) Why am I getting split ends?

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The question to end all questions. The obvious thought might be that you don’t trim your hair enough, but there could be another underlying reason. Your stylist can give you insight into nourishing and protecting your hair. If it’s weak, they can recommend products or techniques to strengthen your hair building fibers, as well as increase your hair’s overall healthiness.

2) How do I get my hair to grow?

This is another big one. Your hair is barely growing with little difference in length from one salon visit to the next. A stylist will be able to get to the “root” of your problem, so to speak. They can arm you with tips to stimulate those hair building fibers at the roots, getting them moving! If roots aren’t your problem, they may recommend you go shorter to get rid of weak ends that can cause excessive breakage.

3) How often do I need to wash my hair?

A popular issue in recent years with the no-shampoo craze hitting various blogs and the talk show circuit. People go back and forth on what is best, but it really depends on hair type. Internet research and TV ads won’t tell you what type of hair you have. Depending on your hair type, how frequently you wash it and with what may vary. An experienced stylist can provide you with good advice on how often hair needs to be washed to keep your hair looking its best.

4) What’s the best cut for my face?

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We’ve all been there: getting a haircut that hit at your chin when you have the cheeks of a chipmunk, or growing out your bangs, forgetting the reason you had them was to disguise your larger than average forehead. Rather than you making these decisions, ask your stylist. They have seen hundreds of clients, and know what styles flatter certain face shapes. They are the experts, so utilize their expertise!

Armed with these questions, you should be ready to transform your hair from drab to fab. These four simple questions are easy to ask, simple to answer, and can make all the difference in giving new life to your old head of hair.