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When it comes to fashion, just because something is out of style for a time doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. Fashions come and go, and you’ll often see old favorites return with designers putting a new spin on them, giving you a great opportunity to add something new to your look or to bring back some vintage pieces from your younger years. If you’re wondering which old fashions are going to be coming back in style after some time off, we’ve got you covered. Here are four that you’re going to see much more of in the near future.

Leather Jackets in Unique Colors

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Leather jackets have long been one of the best pieces of outerwear because they can look both fashionable and edgy. Many people play it safe by sticking to brown and black leather jackets. Don’t get us wrong—those can both look great. But previous decades have seen other colors, red in particular, gain quite a bit of popularity.

Designers have been diversifying the colors they offer with their leather jackets, and many of the hottest celebrities have opted for leather jackets with more unique colors, such as red, blue and green, along with jackets that are multiple colors. These can make excellent statement pieces that you bring out for special occasions.

Round Glasses and Sunglasses

woman wearing round sunglasses

Straight lines may dominate the glasses and sunglasses market, but round styles are starting to gain ground. In recent years, round glasses have had a reputation for being a bit goofy looking, and many have seen them as unstylish as a result.

That’s far from the case anymore. There are now plenty of round glasses and sunglasses with cool, sleek designs, and they’re seen as the trendy, unique alternative to more traditional glasses. Wearing round glasses will still help you stand out from the crowd a bit, but in a good way this time, as you’ll be seen as someone who likes to dress differently.

Bohemian Jewelry

boho chicks

The Bohemian style was once only seen with hippies and gypsies. That’s quickly changing as more and more women try the Boho chic look. With its wilder, unrestrained aesthetic, it perfectly matches the desired lifestyles of Millennials, who appreciate freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to travel.

Whether you want to go full Boho chic or just add a little of it to an outfit, Bohemian jewelry gives you plenty of gorgeous options. You can find necklaces, rings, bracelets and much more in a wide range of colors, and best of all, much of it will be easy on your budget.

Flannel Shirts

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The flannel shirt makes most people think of the Pacific Northwest or one of the region’s most famous bands in Nirvana. You don’t need to be into grunge to rock the flannel shirt, though, as it’s a popular piece of casual wear for just about anyone.

The nice thing about flannel shirts is how versatile they are. The design is simple, while still looking fashionable, and it works well as a layer if you want to give an outfit some more oomph. It keeps you warmer than the typical long-sleeved shirt, making it a good choice daytime to early evening wear.

All the fashions mentioned above have been coming back enough that you certainly won’t look out of place if you incorporate them into your outfits. The good news is that they also aren’t widespread enough yet that you’ll just look like someone who’s following the latest trend. See which ones fit your personal style and give them a try.