ever stylish woman

It’s easy to look good when you have access to a full closet and plenty of mirrors. It’s slightly more difficult, however, when you’re engaging in an activity that requires hard work or travel. Here are just four situations where you might need a little advanced planning to maintain your current level of style.


cleaning woman

The “wet knees” aesthetic isn’t going to grace a runway any time soon, so be careful with the outfits that you wear while scrubbing your kitchen on all fours. Choose dark colors that won’t show dirt and grime, and make sure to roll up your sleeves and pants legs before bringing your limbs in contact with potentially nasty surfaces. You might also put on a utility belt that holds your rags, bottles and dusters to look both cute and purposeful.


traveling woman

It takes a true commitment to fashion to look good while you’re sleeping in airports and hailing cabs in strange cities. The trick is to layer your outfits so that they’ll be suitable for all locations, environments and weather patterns. For example, a bohemian dress with a loose cardigan and oversized jacket will keep you warm on a frigid plane ride, but all of these outer layers can be removed when you step into the sunshine of your destination.



It’s not easy to stay stylish while you’re huffing and puffing on a treadmill, but it’s not impossible, either. The biggest secret is wearing the right workout clothes. Instead of baggy sweats and t-shirts, keep your profile lean and sleek with things like stretchy black leggings and racerback tank tops. If you can color-coordinate your outfit with your shoes and headbands, that’s even better. It will show a certain amount of effort that most gym rats don’t expend. Check out outlets such as Bad Girl Brazilian Fitness Wear or similar businesses to find stylish work-out clothes.


woman in the garden

Aim for a country chic while you’re pulling weeds in the garden. Wear a tied-off top that will beat the heat while also showing off your figure, or don a pair of short denim overalls that will be strong enough for yard work while still appearing fashionable. You might also invest in fun gardening gloves that come with a colorful or floral print. You don’t have to buy dull, utilitarian gloves like everyone else in the neighborhood.

These are just a few activities where you’ll need extra effort to stay fashion-forward. Don’t take these suggestions as gospel, however. Use them as general inspiration while you’re digging through your closet and figuring out which clothes, shoes and accessories will make the right statement about you as a dresser.