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Our social-media obsessed society has affected self-image to an alarming degree, due to the pressure of needing to appear “perfect” at all times, even offline. Men are no less susceptible to this influence. Indeed, there are four specific areas where men may feel more vulnerable. If you recognize yourself in any of these points, know that there are solutions out there!

White Teeth

man all smiles

Creating the “perfect” smile has now become an enormous industry. It covers everything from simple teeth whitening to braces and even filing down the teeth for a smoother profile.

A dazzling smile is often cited as a way to attract the perfect mate. Men who are eager for the “status symbol” of a relationship may therefore spring for expensive—even invasive—procedures to get those pearly whites. An easier solution is to simply use a whitening toothpaste. Remember that most people aren’t staring at your mouth, so you can feel free to smile as much as you want to! You don’t need the approval of other people to be complete.

Muscle Mass

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The idea of a “perfect” male body appears everywhere from movies to cartoons. Characters with enormous muscles are shown as triumphant and heroic. When men turn to sites like Instagram, they see pictures of other males working out. Captions such as “them gains though” and flexing muscles could cause them to feel weak or inferior. Steroid use has increased exponentially as a result—and it’s not just limited to athletes, either.

A smarter alternative is to put down those so-called “men’s health” magazines. Instead, seek out a nutritionist and a physical trainer. Licensed professionals are much better equipped to be realistic and supportive in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Being “Manly” Enough

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Men who cry are perceived as weak. They’re instructed to “man up” and stop being so “girly.” This dismissive attitudes encourages men to suppress their feelings, then lash out if they feel attacked. If you or a loved one behaves this way, work together to create a safe space where you can feel free to express yourself when you’re having a problem.

A Hairy Back

man back photo

Celebrities are always so neatly quaffed. It’s little wonder that this would negatively impact your self-esteem if you’re on the hairier side. Fortunately, you have a couple of options if you’re looking to be a bit more neatly groomed. At-home waxing can be tricky for hard-to-reach areas, whereas laser hair removal is permanent, but only takes a few visits to achieve.

Self-improvement doesn’t have to be onerous or drastic. At the end of the day, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.