fall menswear

Our appearance makes a big impression on the people who see us throughout the day. While many offices allow people to wear “business casual” attire, many people struggle with appropriate dress. Generally speaking, it means you should look professional but not necessarily in a suit. Here are 4 business casual fashion fails that guys should avoid this fall.

Skipping a shower

fall menswear

We’ve all had those late mornings where we might skip the shower to get to work (hopefully) on time. However, you need to do everything in your power to avoid this. Set multiple alarms and go to bed at a reasonable time. you should also skip on the last couple of drinks, because that won’t help you wake up in time.

You will look sloppy if you don’t shower. Plus, no one wants to work with the smelly person at the office. Make sure that your hair is styled. This is important to how you will be perceived.

The wrong socks

man with a beard sitting on the bench

A man’s socks can usually be seen when he sits. If the socks don’t match the rest of the outfit, it can be quite embarrassing. Stock up on professional socks in a variety of different colors to keep every detail of your outfit on point.

You should not be afraid to have some fun with your socks, though. Look for interesting patterns that can help break the ice with colleagues and clients. Make sure that you have different cuts of socks to wear with the different pairs of shoes you buy.  Chelsea boots are a great fall and winter staple that can help you on your commute and be work appropriate.


man in a wool coat

You should make sure that you have a work appropriate coat. It’s important to keep warm, but if you are going to be wearing sweaters and collared shirts then you need a classier coat to match. The one you wear snowboarding has a way different feel. You’ll look like you are not trying or you are going to two different places. Go for something neutral like a taupe or black to make sure that it can match all of your looks. Leather, cashmere, and pea coats are all great work staples that you can accessories with fun colored scarves.

Dress Jeans

man in denim jeans

Many offices don’t allow denim at the workplace. If they do allow it, not all denim is appropriate. If you do choose to wear jeans, they need to be well maintained, a darker wash, and a slim fit. You want them to fit properly and be appropriate for the office. Jeans with holes should not be worn to the office no matter who the designer is.

Dressier jeans in dark washes from deep navy, brown, and black will end up looking more like chinos than jeans. Pair them like you would slacks. Wear the right kind of black dress shoes with jeans instead of sneakers. Don’t just throw a shirt on. That’s too casual. Wear them with a sweater or collared shirt to offset the jeans on top. Many people make the mistake of emphasizing the “casual” aspect of business casual. They may even go to work in gym shoes. This is not acceptable! You should always wear professional footwear. Gym shoes at the office can give the appearance that you don’t really care about making a good impression. Wear shoes that still feel comfortable while giving a professional look. You can always keep the gym shoes in your bag for after work.

When you look appropriate, people will take you more seriously. Making the above-mentioned errors can cause people to pass you up when it’s time for a promotion. Take time to be appropriate when you get dressed in the morning. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes.