For some people, buying lingerie for their partner can fill them with so much dread they never do it. It is understandable why people can find it so hard, especially considering the amount of choice out there, not to mention the fear of getting something your partner doesn?t like or that doesn?t fit her?shock horror!

It is extremely depressing for a women to receive underwear she doesn?t like or that doesn?t fit her from her partner (god forbid you?ve bought her something that?s too small!!) Therefore take note of the below tips, which will hopefully save you from causing your partner any such distress.

Catrinel Menghia models exquisite lingerie

1. Match the underwear to her character

You are probably thinking ?What the heck does this mean?? All that is meant by this is to ensure you don?t buy your lovely, traditional, safe-underwear loving girlfriend the most outrageous sexy underwear you can find. Likewise, if your girlfriend avoids frills at all costs normally, these are also best avoided.

You should know what kind of underwear your partner likes, however, if in doubt it is probably safe to avoid the kinkiest, as well as the most boring, garments. Aim for somewhere in the middle from a respected store and you should be just fine. To be on the safe side though, keep the receipt.

2. Do some research?into her underwear drawer

No one should ever buy underwear for their partner unless they are absolutely sure of her size. You are taking a big risk if you decide to buy something without having a look in her underwear drawer first. You don?t want to buy her something too big but you most definitely don?t want to buy her something too small! If you do this, you?re in for a world of pain, plus you may well really offend or upset her.

Getting the right size is also important for her comfort. She may well wear the items you bought her so as not to hurt your feelings but you definitely don?t want her feeling uncomfortable as it will affect her mood and possibly her confidence too.

3. Ask for some help

When you go shopping for underwear, it is important to ask for help from the store assistants. Don?t be afraid to ask as it will definitely work in your favour in the long run, even if it is embarrassing in the short run. Keep in mind the store assistants are there to help and are experts when compared to you.

Be sure to tell them your partner?s size (both top and bottom half), what colours and styles she likes and dislikes and, of course, what you would like to see her in. It is, after all important to like the underwear you are buying your partner too.

4. Think about what she likes, as well as what you like

A lot of people get too caught up in what they want when shopping for their partner. This is a mistake. The first thing on your mind should always be what would your partner would most like and feel comfortable and sexy in and then, and only then, think about what you like. Try and find a comfortable mix. Your partner will obviously want to like what you buy her but she will also want you to like her wearing it.

5. Never forget to gift-wrap

Sometimes it?s all about the presentation. You need to make an effort with how you give the present of lingerie to your partner. How you give it to her can actually change how she feels about the gift, so for god?s sake don?t just give it to her with all the tags still on, in the shopping bag. Show her how much effort you?ve gone through to choose her gift by wrapping it up nicely and writing her a nice message on a gift tag or in a card.

Gemma Sly writes for Leia lingerie. When not encouraging people to buy lingerie, she can often be found purchasing some herself.


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