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Whoever said you have to dress a certain way in order to fit the profile of an image you are going for, they lied… at least judging by the latest trends, they did.

Unless you’ve been living under the rock for the past year, you must have noticed the rise in man fashion confidence of ‘regular’ men, and when we say regular – we are talking about guys who aren’t committed to runway life. The style, the vibe and overall feel of what men are now wearing are so hot, so gallant, so audacious and dare we say iconic? Yes, iconic definitely. While most men are adopting the same look given it’s looking so fearless that’s it’s almost irresistible, we’ve fallen for it so much that we aren’t even bothered by the sameness of it.

We are giving you some of our favorite trends that have been favored by boys and men around the world, and we believe they’ll inspire you for your next outfit!

Vagabond and lumber chic lives

Vagabond and lumber chic

Vagabond and lumber chic

Was it because of Khal Drogo or the Vikings that we’ve gotten so infatuated with the rough-around-the-edges, vagabond style or is it just that we’re so over everything sleek and we need a little drama in our lives? Hard to tell. But, one thing is sure – this rebellious chic dominating male scene is so hot that everyone seems to be embracing it – from interns, to street performers and artists, to corporate bosses and big shots in the business world. Every one of them is channeling their vagabond a different way and they are doing it superbly. The beards, the bun, the undercut and the braid – they are all a part of the look, and when not taken over the top – they work perfectly for every modern man.

The comeback of a suit and coat

The comeback of a suit and coat

The comeback of a suit and coat

It’s been long since we’ve seen a good suit on a man, and owing to the new fashion strutting down our streets, a fine suit is everything a modern man is loved for! Somehow, the almost-bohemian vibe of long(er) hair and beard works superbly with the chic that a custom made suit brings with it – men have decided it’s time they’ve paired their tailored shirts in exciting and unusual patterns with their suits of classic cuts and colors, for an added fashion statement.

The coat is back, too and that one is a fashion statement on its own. There’s nothing as hot as a man in a well tailored coat. It’s true.

They’ve dropped it like it’s hot

Justin Bieber dropped crotch

Justin Bieber’s dropped crotch

They’ve dropped down their crotch and our jaws dropped. The trend has been super hot for a while and we’re yet to see for how long it’s planning to stay. Starting with celebs like Justin Bieber to Will.I.Am and other trend-setters, a dropped crotch has very much been embraced as a fashion statement and is now living among both male and female characters both in the streets and the celeb world. Some fashion gurus have labeled the trend “hideous”, others got smitten over it but whatever the case – the individuality of fashion today is so stimulating that you are given the right not to care and rock whatever you like.

They sure have accessorized it

Accessories for men

Accessories for men

While accessorize is something typical of women fashion, latest changes in male fashion have brought the love for accessorize in male department, as well. Men are now rocking feminine-inspired bags and rucksacks as a statement to their manhood, the fedora is almost omnipresent, some of them are going for the pipe as well, and then – owing to Scott Disick’s cane obsession with being a Lord and all – there are those rocking a cane, too. Not to mention bracelets, multiple rings, necklaces and watches as a complementary asset to every fashion solution. Silly but somehow really hot!

To whoever loves and knows fashion, it is obvious that the male fashion upgrade we’ve witnessed lately is probably as stimulating as it has never been before! And the good news? It works perfectly for both businessmen and freeloaders.

Photo by Robert Sheie