elegant man

Some men see the value in choosing clothes that make them look fashionable. For the most part, these men were just stylish for the sake of being stylish, but a study revealed that a well-dressed man actually appears to be smarter, sexier, and more successful than others. This means that being stylish can boost your romantic or professional life. The following are four styling tips every man should consider.

1. Do Not Forget the Shoes

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One overlooked aspect of a getup are the shoes. There is a big difference between well-made, tailored shoes and everyday shoes. Well-made shoes make the wearer look slick and thoughtful. Elegant shoes go beyond looks; they also help the wearer be a lot more comfortable throughout the day, which is all you need.

It is important to have a few pairs of shoes to ensure that each pair matches your getup. The colors that are usually used are black, dark blue, and brown. Other colors are a bit more selective.

2. Time Matters

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Nearly everyone has smartphones nowadays, but a well-placed watch is still worth noting. The key is to ensure that the watch is sleek and not loud. You do not want the watch to have too many colors nor do you want the brand on the watch to be visible. Make sure that the watch rests comfortably on your wrists and is not too tight.

It is important to think of the color of the accessory. The most popular colors to use are black with a touch of gold or silver or just pure gold or silver. Keep in mind that there are some digitally advanced watches that might work for you, but just make sure that the watch has a classy touch, like leather bands.

3. Belt it Up

A belt is not meant to keep your pants up, but that is what most people believe it is for. The truth is that a belt is a stylish accessory that needs to be treated as such. A stylish man should always use belts discreetly, so it is best to avoid colors or belt buckles that are too flamboyant. The key is to let the accessory blend in with the rest of your clothes. Think thin and slick, and if you need to do so, customize belts to fit your specific needs.

Once again, stick to dark colors, and try to find buckles with silver or gold tones. Of course, there are some exceptions, as this depends on your style for the day.

4. Don’t be Afraid of the Accent

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Yes, being stylish and slick usually means well-tailored clothes that are not too flamboyant, but that does not mean you cannot sport one accent piece. Think of this piece as something that people will remember you by. There was a time when this accent was a man’s tie or the handkerchief sticking out of the blazer’s pocket.

This is no longer true, and there are a number of options that can help you stick out just a bit. For one, it is acceptable for men to wear a little jewelry, just as long as it matches the clothes that you are wearing. Think of a silver thumb ring or maybe a simple stud earing. Another interesting accent might be the shirt you are wearing under your suit. The chances are high that your suit will be black or dark blue. You might want to consider spicing it up a bit with a drastic color like cobalt blue just as long as you do not mess with the other colors you are wearing.

Of course, these are just a few ideas to consider, but hopefully these tips steer you in an interesting direction. Keep in mind that your style is an extension of who you are, so let yourself shine through.