fall menswear

Men love warm and fuzzy as much as women and children when the cool days of autumn roll around. A man’s fall wardrobe should have three basic fabrics that include tweed, wool and suede.

Men and Tweeds

man in a tweed coat

Tweed is a man’s choice for fall because it has a rough texture that is due to a tight weave. The other reason to add tweed is the variety of woven patterns and colors that allow men to coordinate shirts, ties and pants with a tweed jacket.

Today’s most popular fall tweed is Herringbone with its traditional black and white colors and chevron design. Herringbone tweeds are also available in brown.

There are other tweed designs like brushed tweed Donegal with its grayish hue, Houndtooth tweeds with a black and white checkered pattern and Glen Plaid in brown, black and rust checkered design. Tweeds give men a signature appearance of impeccable taste and fashion sense

Real Men Love Wool

man in a wool coat

Wool fabrics play an important role in a man’s wardrobe for fall. There’s nothing like a wool sweater with a cable knit design to chase away the autumn chill.

For the outdoor man, choose a lined, wool sweater jacket in the famous red and black plaid. Add a Merino wool long sleeve polo shirt for casual wear and a worsted wool suit for formal wear to round out the fall fabrics every man should own.

Wool is sold in different textures like double knits, worsted and fine brushed wool fabric.

Not Your Father’s Suede

man in suede shoes

Today’s man loves the diversity of styles for fall and suede is a fabric necessity. There is something soothing about the texture of suede. It is soft and smooth and coordinates well with leather, corduroy and fleece fabrics.

Pair a soft flowy men’s suede tee  with a wool jacket and make a contemporary style statement. Men’s suede tee shirts are available in long or short sleeves in masculine colors for fall like olive, grey, navy, rust and brown. They are sold with or without patterns. So men have a broad selection of suede tee shirts to choose from.

The outdoorsman might want to add a suede tee in a cammo pattern for fall hunting trips. Suede tees are easy care and fully washable, unlike your father’s suede fabric that required dry cleaning and avoiding water to prevent spotting.

Corduroy and leather are also fall fabrics every man should own. Corduroy pants are ideal paired with a suede tee and a leather jacket.