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You may not have realised it however, summer is officially here, which means your wardrobe needs to reflect that. If you haven’t already it’s time to add a select number of essentials, rather than revamping your whole wardrobe. Effectively, you are supplementing a few items here and there and pushing them to back of your wardrobe for the time being, especially as you’ll need them come autumn. Below we have a few select essentials for your summer wardrobe.

Polo T-Shirts

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A polo t-shirt is a close relative of the comfy and timeless t-shirt, however, a little smarter. It helps brings outfits together and is often one of the most versatile options you can have in your wardrobe. Polo t-shirts are known to complement your outfits and with a whole range of different colours, styles and fits, a polo t-shirt is an essential. Whether you wear them with jeans and shoes, or you wear them with chino shorts and boat shoes, a polo will never let you down.

Tailored Shorts

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The important thing to remember when purchasing shorts is that they need to be tailored. Tailored shorts are smarter, better looking and often arrive in better colours. They can fit into your summer wardrobe seamlessly and are more flattering compared to the cargo shorts you can come across. It’s time to push away your comfiest pair of grey joggers and start looking for the smarter styles that are available. Wear them with a traditional polo, or even wear them with oxford shirts, as they are the foundation of a summer outfit.

Boat Shoes

Whether you agree with it or not, a pair of boat shoes are essential to your summer wardrobe. It can be incorporated into both casual and smart outfits, especially when it comes to all day and night activities. Whether you choose to opt for the most expensive ones, or you look for the affordable option, boat shoes get the job done and provide you with an easy go-to option for summer.

Short Sleeve Shirts


For any professional, or young professional, short sleeve shirts are perfect for those long summer days in the office. They are just as smart of long sleeve shirts, however, they bring a balance to your outfit. You seamlessly incorporate summer into your outfit without the need to go over the top. Whether you choose to button up or button down, have a quirky design or a traditional one, short sleeve shirts should always be in your wardrobe for the summer.