girl and spring flowers

Ah, the sun. You’ve waited many months to see it. You’ve imagined the sounds of the birds singing in the trees, the light rains falling, the flowers blossoming. You’ve also been chomping at the bit to get out of your heavy winter clothes and into your spring clothes.

However, you recognize that sometimes old man winter just wants to hang on for a bit longer. That’s where a wardrobe transition can help. Doing this allows you to keep some of your heavier pieces on hand just in case the weather turns suddenly chilly again, but it also allows you to bring in some of your favorite spring pieces without looking out of place.

Here are three ideas to help you transition into spring.

1. Introduce Brighter Colors

Girl in spring time

The colors of fall and winter tend to be darker and cooler than those of spring and summer. To bring a bit of the spring vibe to your wardrobe, you could consider adding some brighter spring colors to your wardrobe.

Instead of wearing that hunter green top over your jeans, put on a light floral pattern instead. Look for rose patterns, elegant circular shapes, and other patterns that look soft and feminine.

If you’re not yet comfortable with whole outfits being bright spring colors, try adding those colors as accessories first. This would be items like tights, scarves, or hats.

2. Transition Your Tops By Layering

woman top photo

There comes a time in every season, where wearing just a T-shirt is too little, but wearing a bulky sweater is too much. However, a middle ground exists – layering tops. This is a well-know technique in which spring/ summer T-shirts and tops are combined with a button-down shirt or very light spring sweater.

What’s fun about this is that this technique allows you to introduce the textures and colors of spring in one outfit. For example, you may choose a solid-colored button-down shirt in robin-egg blue. Next you’d layer a shirt with a pattern that featured the blue and a dusty rose color. Finally, you’d top the ensemble off with a scarf that either featured the blue or the rose color.

The key here is to layer light-weight fabrics. They’re enough to keep you warm should the spring day turn chilly, but light enough to keep you comfortable most times. And with layering, if you truly do get too hot, you can take off some of the layers.

3. Add A Spring To Your Step

woman shoes photo

For the last several months, thick-soled hiking boots and fleece-lined snow boots have been your go-to footwear. Instead of tucking your skinny jeans into your hiking boots, consider wearing a closed-toe sandal or a light pair of canvas sneakers. These still keep your toes warm, but they aren’t as bulky, and many come in brighter colors, another signal that spring has arrived.

Spring is a time of transition. Your wardrobe must reflect this for you to keep in step with the season. However, spring presents a few problems that make dressing a challenge. For one thing, the weather is unpredictable. It might be very chilly in the morning, but hot by the afternoon. That’s where layers can help.

It’s also a time where darker, cooler colors rule the day. A dose or two of spring brights helps change that mood. Adding bright colors plus floral patterns that emulate the flowers in your garden are a nice way to go.

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