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Jewelry trends are transient but diamonds never lose their charm. They are forever in vogue. 2017 is witnessing some brilliant engagement ring trends that should be in demand for a long, long time according to expert jewelry designers. This year’s engagement rings are standing out from the rest because of their amazing features, from matchless shapes to striking bands to truly ornate halos. Here are some popular trends in engagement rings that you would be seeing all through the current year and beyond.

Matching Bands Are a Thing of the Past

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Most antique and vintage rings were designed or crafted with a non-matching wedding band. Likewise, 2017 is going to see the re-emergence of the non-matching bands + rings era. Many unique engagement rings are not matching perfectly with bands and there is absolutely no harm done.

Choose a wedding band that would complement your engagement ring. Moreover, your engagement ring should be an expression of your personality and your unique style. For the hip and happening look, you could consider wearing your wedding band stacked with the stunning engagement ring on the middle finger. Create your own style as there are no strict rules that necessitate firm following.

Classic Solitaires Are Always In

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A solitaire diamond ring would never go out of fashion. Many reputed jewelry houses have been featuring mind-blowing solitaire engagement rings in their advertising campaigns. For instance, the engagement ring ad campaigns by Tiffany & Company led to an iconic status and fanfare for the solitaire engagement rings. The classic solitaire would never lose its appeal and charm. You could consider giving her the round solitaire or the princess cut solitaire engagement ring. These rings usually, come in white gold, yellow gold, and even platinum.

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Imperfection Is Perfection Today

2017 would witness complete agreement over the idea that choosing an engagement ring should not anymore be the pursuit of excellence and perfection. You must come to terms with the reality that no relationship could be fully perfect. Therefore, it is not necessary for diamonds to be perfection personified. An engagement ring surely is an expression of a promise to love your life partner forever. There would be a growing trend towards odd stones that are hand-cut, not dazzling white or internally flawless. Perfection is no longer important.

Colorful & Vibrant Here to Stay

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The 2016 trend towards a strong preference for the colored gemstones would be staying even in 2017. There is a growing popularity and a definite inclination towards the blue-green opals, vibrant emeralds, navy sapphires and even the pale pink morganite. These colorful gemstones would be continuing to win the hearts of ladies worldwide even in 2017.

Opals Are Hot Favorites

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Opals are the hot favorites in 2017.  These opaque gemstones present an enthralling kaleidoscope of colors. They look mind-blowing in diamond and yellow gold combinations. You could choose from a broad spectrum of colors right from milky and dazzling white to the stunning black opals.

Growing Popularity of Rose Gold

This copper-colored metal would be very much in vogue all through 2017 and beyond as its popularity is soaring with each passing day. This is great for all types of skin tones and has a truly contemporary look. It complements both diamonds and equally, the colored gemstones. A rose gold engagement ring is a welcome change from the usual yellow gold or even the white gold rings that have been flooding the jewelry market scene.

Art Deco: The Latest Craze

Pippa Middleton’s exotic engagement ring hit the headlines last year. Today brides are showing major interest in art deco style engagement rings. 2017 promises to be the year dedicated to these rings. Art deco rings could have stunning hexagonal settings or chunky and colorful design.


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2017 jewelry scenario promises something gorgeous to suit every taste. Choosing a stunning engagement ring could be the most important decision. You need to choose with care as an engagement ring is a true symbol of your forthcoming union and an expression of your undying love for your life partner to be. Not only this, you would be constantly using your engagement ring. Therefore, it is mandatory to choose one that flaunts your personality and style.

Author Bio: Mandy Bular is an experienced jewelry designer running her own jewelry boutique in Pittsburgh. She is an avid blogger whose posts are a big hit with the fashionable and sophisticated women of today. She recommends the quintessential solitaire diamond ring for your love as there could be no substitute for solitaire rings in terms of elegance and beauty. She recommends renowned and reliable resources such as Perigems.com.