blush wedding gown

Organizing a wedding and making everything just perfect is not easy. It’s even harder when you’re a bit of a fashionista. Each season, new wedding trends appear. Here is a little guide to what will be popular in the wedding world in 2017. If you are planning to have your wedding this year, here is how to do it in style.

Show Some Shoulder

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The off-the-shoulder trend has been reigning supreme in both casual and formal wear for a couple of seasons now. It is no wonder, then, that it would find its place in bridal attire as well. Sexy in a not too overt way, it is a great alternative to tired old strapless dresses. The look is surprisingly versatile as well, and works with a variety of fabrics. This is definitely the right way to show some skin without crossing the line.

Crop That Top

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The youthful and fresh trend of crop tops has slowly been making its way into formal wear. The past few of years, we’ve been seeing stars like Gwyneth Paltrow rocking crop top ensembles on the red carpet. Well, if it’s good enough for the red carpet, it’s good enough for your wedding! If designers like Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera think so, who are we to argue? How exactly do you go about incorporating this most unusual of trends – wear it with a full skirt, or over a dress.

Go Short!

short wedding dress

What can you do if you want to look beautiful for your big day, but long princessy dresses are just not your scene? Why, go short, of course! More and more designers have been offering alternatives to the usual silhouette. Whether you choose a knee-length skirt, a mini, or a mighty combo of a short skirt and a longer overskirt – you are sure to look great and be bang on trend. The charming look might not be for everyone, but if you want to show off those gems in a super trendy look, this one is for you.

Romantic Florals

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The epitome of romance, florals have been having a bit of renaissance when it comes to bridal wear. For a more ethereal look, go for delicate flower appliqués. Fashion loving brides should definitely look into floral print dresses with a bit of color for a romantic look that is straight off the runways.

A Pop of Color

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Long gone are the days when a wedding necessarily meant white. And we don’t just mean that you can go for beige or blush – although these are undoubtedly wonderful colors for a gown. If you really want to subvert convention and add some much welcome flair to the occasion, go full color. A deep, ruby red is a great choice, as are other jewel tones. Some brides love the Gothic or super elegant look of a black gown. Pastels, like ubiquitous mint, are very popular too. One thing is certain – a dress in a vibrant color is like a breath of fresh air.

Intricate Lace

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Lace is a classic when it comes to wedding dresses, and with good reason. Brides who want to look sexy but demure will love this season’s intricate art nouveau lace. You can choose traditional white, or beautiful off-white. Wispy, delicate dresses look best with simple cuts, so as not to be overwhelming. Be warned though, the cuts are usually skintight and restrict your movement; so, for maximum comfort, you might want to check out wedding car hire in Sydney.

With so many wonderful trends, the best thing you can do is pick and choose the ones you think work with your style and your personality. Embrace trends, but don’t be a fashion slave. Find a gown that will look great and feel comfortable, and, most importantly, a gown that represents you!