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When it comes to men’s wedding bands, the most popular choice still remains the plain ones made of yellow gold, with a letter, being engraved at the top. Compared to the wedding bands for women, the men’s rings are wider in appearance. However, when it comes to the glitz and the bling, those can be best found in a women’s wedding ring.

Modern Day Options

These days, there are different types of metals being used for developing the men’s wedding rings. There are several unique designs available these days. Buyers are now left, with several options, when it comes to purchasing wedding ring for the groom. These days, metals like, white gold, tungsten, platinum, palladium and titanium are also available for preparing the wedding rings for men. Each of these metals, come with their own set of characteristics, to make them unique and truly elegant pieces.

Although there is a demand for plain yellow gold-based wedding bands, many also opt for the customized rings for the auspicious ceremony. Wedding bands made from two different metals, the rings with diamond or other precious gemstone engraved, or those with other kinds of personalization are catching the attention of buyers. Buyers for contemporary-styled wedding bands are slowly increasing.

Most Popular Choices

Here is a look at the most popular choices when it comes to the wedding bands for men:

Traditional Yellow Gold Rings

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These are mostly 6mm to 8mm in width and offer comfort fit, with scrolling along rims, for additional ornamentation. This is the classic wedding ring, which still remains the most popular choice. Visit Men’s Wedding Bands.com to witness the best collection of the traditional wedding bands made from both yellow and white gold.

Tungsten Bands

tungsten rings

Tungsten carbide rings. Some rights reserved by boomshackalack

These are light in weight and provide a contemporary look. They are extremely durable, thanks to the ultra-hard nature of tungsten. These rings look wonderful when inscribed, with valuable gemstones. These rings, come with a polishing look and promise to be totally scratch-resistant. They are very similar in looks when compared to silver.

Rings Made of Titanium

These rings are increasing in terms of popularity. They are light-weight, strong and extremely durable. They have a modern appearance and look great. These rings look best when crowned with a precious gemstone or inlaid, with yellow gold stripes. Black titanium wedding bands for men are probably the most appealing ones.

When it comes to shopping for the men’s wedding bands and other jewelry items, a bit of research work is highly recommended. Most men do not possess a strong flair for ornamental fashion. Therefore, when purchasing the rings and the wedding bands, be very careful, with the choice you make. Understand your man’s preferences and tastes. Try to find out the metals he loves or prefers wearing. Accordingly, you can opt for the best rings made from those specific metals. Also, for men, with a low-maintenance attitude, always look for rings that promise the highest level of durability.