The fashion scene continues to evolve with new looks and trends that emerge on the runway from the top designers. For men, there are a number of styles that can enhance your wardrobe and make you look fresh this year. To feel confident in the latest looks without trying too hard, there are a few styles to embrace in 2016.

Knee-Skimming Shorts

shorts photo

Shorts got a little shorter this year with menswear. Some men’s shorts are now cut on the knee and offer a sporty look that is still comfortable to wear. If you want to be super fashionable you can use bold patterns to attract more attention to your legs. You could also consider wearing frayed shorts for an edgy and urban style that you can rock with a pair of high-tops.

Cuban Collars

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Cuban collars are vintage and classy. They are super nice because they can be worn to a summer BBQ or to the office any season of the year. The 1950s trend is making a comeback and is perfect with a pair of trousers or jean shorts when you want to dress up or down for any occasion. This lightweight shirt is comfortable to wear and is breezy, making it the perfect garment to wear during the summer season, according to gq-magazine.co.uk.

Testosterone Shoes

Testosterone Shoes offer a high level of masculinity with high and low boots that can be worn throughout the year. Many of the styles mimic the trends that were seen in the ’90s with distressed materials and simplistic strap details for plenty of masculine attire. Pair the edgy shoes with slim-fitting pants or a leather jacket for a vintage style.


According to thetrendspotter.net, bandanas are an edgy and casual way to look cool when you wear them around your head or around your neck this year. Bandanas are a great way to add extra detail to casual street style attire any day of the week. With a cherry red or patterned bandana you can add an extra splash of color to most any outfit.

All-White Ensembles

white shirt photo

Men are looking classy with their fashion this year with all-white attire that allows them to look clean from head to toe. White sweaters over white collared shirts with white dress pants are timeless and will create a semi-formal look that can be worn to parties or weddings.

When it comes to feeling masculine in your clothes, there are a number of styles to wear during the year to look and feel your best. You can embrace the latest trends and feel sophisticated with your attire by rocking the latest looks from the runway and staying current with your wardrobe.