Winters are approaching fast. Chilly winds have already started teasing and as fall is biding adieu, the colors of nature are changing from warm and fiery to cold and icy. Soon there will be a dominance of whites, blues and blacks around us. That is nature. It has to like that. While that will be the scene outside the window, why to bring the cold inside the house.

Keep your home warm and comfortable this winter by adding beautiful colors of spring and fall. This will not just give you a bright and cozy feel, it will also give a fresh and lively appearance to your house.


This orangery may be your winter room inspiration. Flickr

Colors play a major role in everything. They impact our emotions, thoughts and even health. Often, during winters we feel dull and drowsy. It is because everywhere its nerve freezing and monotonous white. While in spring or summer, we see a splash of colors that makes us feel happy and revitalized.

Imagine if the same spring color palette will be around us in winter? You aren’t required to put a lot of money or efforts to give your interior a rejuvenating feel. Just a few changes and you have a bright, sunny glow inside even if its snowfall outside.

Bright Wall Decals

Wall Decals are a good option to enjoy a quick change. There are numerous varieties available in the stores. You can choose different themes for each room. A forest theme for kids room or a bright sunshine for living room. The choice is yours. Good thing – they don’t cost much and you can easily stick and remove them.

cushion cover

Cushion covers offered in lots of styles, sizes and colors will revitalize your room

Bed Sheets

You have to change bed sheets in a day or two. So you always need ample of them. Don’t just go for one type of bed sheet but experiment with them. Make a good collection of different fabrics like silk, pashmina, woolen and cotton. self prints, embroidery, paintings, patch work etc are few designer options you can find in bed sheets to change your interior instantly and effortlessly.


Curtains are an interesting way to change the interiors. Available in endless prints and patterns, they are an essential element for home decor. Long or frilled, multi-layered or fine net, the choices are countless.

Colored Cushion Covers

colorful room

Update your home’s look with new colors

Cushion covers is one of the best ways to change the look of any room. They come in variety of fabrics such as silk, cotton, woolen, Lycra, velvet and faux fur. Various designs, patterns and shapes add more option to any cushion cover collection. They are very pocket friendly and easy to maintain. You can buy multiple cover sets and keep on rotating them. Use a single style or mix two or three style at a time to give a new look to the room. Handcrafted cushions covers with traditional prints and patterns are a nice way to give ethnic and vintage look. Many online stores like rajrang.com sell an exquisite range of handcrafted cushion covers. Bright colors, bold patterns, traditional designs like thread-work or patch-work are few of the options from the wide assortments available at these stores.

Author bio: Kanika is a fashion blogger at Rajrang. She loves to write about latest fashion trends, ladies apparels, accessories and home decor products.