winter birthday decoration

It is true that celebrating birthday in spring and summer is much simpler, no matter if we are talking about kids or adults. You can organize everything outside in your backyard, where there is plenty of room and everything is already decorated with greenery. Still, the fact that winter birthday party requires a bit more effort, does not mean it cannot be equally or more astonishing than a spring/summer one. With some imagination, creativity and a bit of work involved, you can create your own snowy fairy tale and put a shame all of those green backyard parties. Here is how to do it.

Choose the Color Palette

As with any party, to create the basic for the rest of the decoration, you will have to choose a color palette. White is, of course, inevitable. Introduce it with bed covers, curtains, tablecloths, etc. Choosing additional colors can be tricky.

winter birthday decoration

Depending on whether it is a children’s party or an adults’ one and on the prevailing colors in your home, you can decide for blue, pale pink, brown, purple, silver, etc. Include the secondary colors with accessories, napkins, cushions, table centerpieces, etc.

Choose the Theme

When you organize a party for the kids, it is not so difficult to choose. Just find something they love and turn it into a party. You have a wide range of potential themes, such as Frozen, Candyland, North Pole, the Snow Queen, etc.

winter decoration details

As for the adults, they will definitely enjoy the rustic appeal you can create with winter décor combined with wooden elements, a glittery fashion show or a simple winter sceneries inspired theme.

Winter Inspired Details

The best thing about winter decoration is that it is mostly a part of the DIY sector. You can make almost everything by yourself, and it does not even have to look perfect. Use cotton wool balls to make snowball garlands.

winter inspired details

You can hang them around the doors, windows and tables. Fill some glass jars with glitters and place them on the center of the table. Make your own snowflakes out of paper. Decorate the chairs with tulle and bows. Make magic wands with satin ribbons. Make winter tree out of branch and pompoms. Add scented candles (apple + cinnamon) and Christmas lights.

Say Cheese!

Now that you have your lovely home in the winter wonderland groove, you can take some pictures to make it even more memorable. Though just few snaps for the crowd and decoration can be enough, why allow for your birthday images to be plain and boring?

winter wonderland groove

Instead, make your own winter-inspired photo booth. You can do that with blue or glittery wallpaper or some fabric attached to the wall, some winter decorations and a white chair or armchair with cozy cushions. You can also make fun photo booth props (hats, magic wands, moustaches, etc). With these tips you can make the best birthday images ever and share them with the world.

Food and Drinks Anybody?

Arguably, the most important part of any celebration. You can make the same muffins and candies you usually make, just sprinkle some powdered sugar or coconut flour on top. White, blue and pale pink toping with snowflakes decoration is also a way to go.

snowflakes decoration

You can even make “decorate-your-own-muffin” corner, where you will arrange all the toppings and other decorative items, so the guests can express their creativity. As for the drinks, opt for blue cocktails, hot cocoa and different color milkshakes.

These are just suggestions. Try to add your own unique ideas to make the party even more magical. Good luck!