There are some things in life that we all must own and clothing is no different. Wardrobe essentials or staples are a necessity if you want to look good and have items that you can wear over and over again in many different ways.

Staple items of clothing are made to last and can be worn hundreds of times with other more high fashion items to give you that desired look. We?ve compiled a list of the fashion staples that you need to invest in.

Plain White T-shirt

As fashion items that will go with anything go, the plain white t-shirt is the perfect addition and something of a must have for any fashionistas. The t-shirt is as good in the gym as it is under a blazer on a night out, or with a pair of jeans in the supermarket. It doesn?t have to be cotton either, there are a number of more ethical fabrics out there that provide better wear and also a softer and more comfortable t-shirt.

Black Leggings

Another staple that will take you around the world and through plenty of different occasions, black leggings are ideal under a myriad of clothing. From oversize jumpers to under summer dresses ? they?re a must have and look fantastic in a range of settings.

Ballet Shoes

Flats are that little bit more feminine than a pair of Converse, yet equally if not more comfortable. They work with dresses, pants, jeans and anything else you can think of teaming them up with and if you purchase a decent pair you can get them to last for years. Why not go a little crazy and make a statement with them? We love them for their versatility and also the variety available.

Black Jumper

A black jumper is the seasonless and timeless, chic addition to almost any item. It?s perfect for keeping beneath your desk at work, or at home ready to team up with a dress when needs be. It really is the ultimate casual fashion top and it doesn?t have to be wool or cotton with the range of other great fabrics out there at the moment. Our Tencel offerings are soft and comfortable and also provide the body with great shape and fit.


classic heels

Classic heels make a statement!

Pair of plain heels go with everything and are the perfect way to offer a little glam to any outfit. They?re on of those basic essentials that we?ll promise that you?ll wear time and time again and are the perfect go-between from the office to a party.

Dark Denim

dark denim campaign

Dark denim is a staple for her and for him

Darker denims go well with so much of a woman?s wardrobe and because of their tone tend to be more flattering than lighter alternatives. From super skinny to normal, they work well with so many other items that they have to be a staple in your wardrobe.



Which blouse would you choose? Source

The white blouse is another fantastic casual top that can take you to a whole host of different places. There are few things that say you?ve got your stuff together than a white blouse and it?s perfect at work or with a skirt on a Saturday night. It?s flattering and perfect for so many occasions.

Black Dress

Finally, where would we be without the little black dress? In fact, you should probably purchase two of these as they can be worn as a fail-safe to so many places. Team it up with most additions and you?ll still look great. It?s a fantastic piece of clothing.

These are just some of the essentials that every woman should invest in to ensure you look great on all occasions.

Author bio: By Cormac Reynolds. Cormac Reynolds is a lover of fashion of all kinds and has written about it for a number of sites. He enjoys football and hill walking.