bride and groom in the snow

Since cold winter days usually make us want to stay indoors and enjoy the coziness of our home, not many of us are in favor of snowy winter ceremonies. However, with all the tasty treats, hearty food and warm and cozy atmosphere, there’s something incredibly charming and magical about a winter wedding. From designing a unique décor to choosing a perfect wedding dress, there are endless inspiring ideas that can help you make your winter wedding unforgettable. When it comes to choosing a perfect wedding dress, it’s important to choose the one that would suit the season and keep you warm during the cold winter night. Here are a few practical tips how to look marvelous on your big special day.

Wear Embellished Sleeves

bride in a wedding gown

The easiest way to add drama and some extra warmth to your wedding dress is to use nice decorative sleeves. Not only do they add a little bit of coverage to keep your shoulders warm but they create more elegant and stylish look. From lovely laced to beautifully embellished satin sleeves, options are endless. For brides who are looking for more chic look, there are backless long-sleeved wedding gowns which will add to a more sexy and unique style and make you look and feel like a million dollars. Another option is to have a separate layer that will cover your shoulder line and add a finishing touch on your wedding dress.

Choose an appropriate style

bride and groom kissing on the snow

Before choosing a perfect gown for your special day, consider your venue and entire wedding styling as it will help you make up your mind more easily. Your outfit should match the rest of the ambience and complement the atmosphere. There are various bridal magazines and useful online websites where you can search for your perfect dress. From classic and vintage to contemporary and chic, there are numerous options to choose from. Choose the style that will complement the rest of the décor and remember that you do not have to limit your options just because it is biting cold outside.

Add Decorative Accessories

white wedding decorations

There is an endless array of various fashionable accessories that can perfectly embellish your wedding dress and bring volume to the entire look. While faux fur wrap or a shoulder shrug and fur hand warmers will add comfort and warmth, a nice tailored biker jacket will add to a more casual but trendy look. When it comes to the bride’s hairstyle, a statement headpiece or beautifully decorated veil will give you just the right amount of sparkle. If you want to create a more alluring look without bulking it, try matching your wedding gown with a beautiful set of dainty cashmere gloves. They will accentuate your arms help you grab that bridal attention you need.

Choose Warm Fabric

bride in a wedding gown and a veil

Taking into account that the wedding ceremony is held in winter, it’s essential to choose a quality fabric for your wedding gown especially if part of your wedding reception will take place outdoors. Opt for heavier fabrics such as satin trimming and taffeta or simply choose heavier silk or some woven fabric and avoid shivering and keep the chills at bay. Silk satin and velvet add to more luxurious look and do not make your body overheat.

Add Layers

smiling bride with a veil

Winter is the ideal season for long dresses with full skirts and multiple layers. Instead of wearing short length dresses that will make you feel uncomfortable, choose a wedding dress with lots and lots of layers which are made of warm and cozy fabric. You might even want to wear a pair of wool tights that will surely keep you warm. If you want to create a more sophisticated look, keep your shoulders and a neckline uncovered. It will make you look more charming, appealing and super-stylish. What’s more, you can always add a nice vintage shrug or an elegant bolero in case you feel cold.